Choosing Scrub Styles for CNA Training

cna trainingCNA Training

When you first enter CNA training, there may be a good chance you’ve never put on a pair of scrubs. Those that have worked in the healthcare field as patient care assistants may have had need for these uniforms prior to CNA training, but many CNAs begin with little to no experience with them.

Because of this, it is no shock that many CNAs choose the wrong type of scrubs to wear during CNA training.  Everyone has their own individual body shape, and scrubs are not one-size-fits-all items of clothing. Choosing the right pair of scrubs is essential for look professional as a CNA, and we have the info you need to ensure the outfit you pick out will make you look fantastic.

Tips for Choosing The Right Scrubs for CNA Training

  • Arms- During CNA training and after, you are going to use your arms for almost every task you complete, and they will be the first thing that many will notice. If you have a little extra skin or fat on your upper arms, you may not want to show it off to the world- and you don’t have to during CNA training. Choose scrub tops with longer sleeves, at least 7 inches in length so they cover the bicep area. If showing off the top parts of your arms makes you blush, you should also consider choosing scrubs made from high quality, sturdy fabrics, as these provide excellent underarm coverage. Avoid ruffles, cap sleeves, and elastic for the best look.
  • Lower Body- While you may be proud of your honky tonk badonkadonk, that doesn’t mean you want to show it off at work. If you are shy about your lower body, the types of scrubs you choose can accentuate the smaller areas of your body and lengthen your figure. Choose tunic style scrub tops for CNA training or tops that have longer vents or side slits. These will cover up your thighs and rear end. Boot cut scrub bottoms, straight legs, or moderate flares are best for accentuating your length and drawing the eyes to your legs. Avoid scrubs that are skin tight or too heavy.
  • Upper Body- If you have been blessed with a full-figured upper body, choose scrub tops that will flatter this area during CNA training. Your tops should be made with lightweight to medium weight fabric, with a V-neck, square neck, scoop neck, or boat neck; however, you should make sure that any neckline you choose isn’t too high. You can also create a V-neck look with an additional layer, like a lab coat or jacket on top of a high neckline. Avoid fabrics that are too heavy and, as long as the weather permits, try not to wear turtle necks.
  • Boxy Physique- If you have a boxy physique and want to soften your curves during CNA training, the right kinds of scrubs can help. Wear scrub styles that add shape below your bust line; you can accomplish this with a soft elastic waist on the scrub top and flat waist scrub pants. You can also draw the eye away from your body by choosing a scrub top during CNA training with a flattering neckline. Avoid low rise scrub pants and heavy draw strings completely.

Want to look fantastic and professional for your first CNA class? Use these tips to find the right types of scrubs for your body to wear during CNA training.

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