Choosing Scrubs After CNA Training

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When you go to work after CNA training, you will need to wear scrubs each and every day. In some medical facilities, you will be limited on the type of scrubs you can wear. For instance, you may have to wear a plain uniform of a chosen color. In many medical facilities, however, you will be able to choose from a sea of colors after CNA training.




While the choice may be yours, it can sometimes be difficult to match the right colors together for your scrub outfits, so they don’t negatively affect your mood or the moods of your patients. If you are feeling a little confused about what to wear after CNA training, don’t worry. We can help you with these dos and don’ts.


Dos and Don’ts of Scrub Colors After CNA Training



Do feel free to wear yellow after CNA training. White and yellow can give you a fresh look and can also be very energizing. If you want your patients to feel optimistic and happy, yellow is the perfect color to wear.


Don’t combine yellow with too many other bright colors. If you want to wear yellow scrub tops, choose muted and darker colors for your scrub bottoms. Dark green is an excellent option.



Do wear blue as often as you can. Blue scrub bottoms are just like jeans- they go with everything. After CNA training, choose a shade and then pair it with another color of a different shade. For instance, if you are wearing dark blue scrub pants, choose a lighter color; if you are wearing light blue scrub pants, pair them with a dark scrub top.


Don’t forget to be careful when pairing blue with orange after CNA training. Bright orange often makes you look like a traffic cone. Go for a deep orange instead.



Do embrace the fact that black goes with everything. Wear this color with almost any other hue to create a fashionable and stylish look.


Don’t wear black all of the time. Having only black scrubs can make you look depressing and empty to your patients after CNA training.



Do consider wearing many different shades of red after CNA training. Pinks, rosy reds, and violets are perfect for scrub tops. If you decide to wear a bold red, pair it with lighter colors in shades like yellow, green, or blue to tone down its strength.


Don’t wearing blue-red scrub tops or bottoms. Too much of these colors can be disturbing to some individuals and can even result in aggression.



Do not avoid wearing white. While it may be the easiest color to stain, it is also a fantastic color that signals clean, crisp professionalism. It indicates brightness, purity, and care.


Don’t choose scrubs that are blue-white. These types of scrubs don’t look professional, but instead look sterile. After CNA training, find scrubs that are pure white if you want to make a splash at your work.


After CNA training, you may have the option of choosing your own uniforms when you are working in a medical facility.

Be sure you know which ones are best to wear after CNA training.

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