Choosing Scrubs After CNA Training

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You’ve finally found a job after CNA training, and received some pretty exciting news. Instead of having to follow a strict dress code that involves a plain uniform, you’re allowed to choose any scrubs you want for work, as long as they fit you properly and aren’t offensive. While this may sound like an excuse to go shopping, it’s important to take a step back and really consider what you’re going to wear. Scrubs come in a variety of color options and style choices. There’s virtually no end in sight when you’re shopping for scrubs after CNA training. On top of this, do you know what scrubs will look best on your body? If you don’t, it’s time to get some help. Here are a few tips that should assist you in finding the right scrubs after CNA training.

Use Color Therapy for Scrubs After CNA Training

The best way to choose the right scrubs for your work life after CNA training is to take a look at the colors and use color therapy to see how they’ll affect your mood and the mood of those around you.

  • Sunny Yellow- If you want to wear sunny yellow, great! This is a fresh looking color that promotes energy and optimism. Wear a yellow top with white pants, but try to avoid wearing any other bright color, or it may be too much. For a more muted approach after CNA training, try pairing it with dark blues or greens.
  • Blue- Blue scrub bottoms are like jeans. After CNA training, they can be mixed and matched with almost any other color on the color wheel. Blue is perfect for CNA work as well, as it evokes calmness.
  • Black- Black scrub tops or pants can’t go wrong after CNA training. Just be careful not to wear black every single day and over-do it. This will likely give you the nickname of “Goth CNA” and will make you and your patients feel depressed and empty. Pair black tops or pants with bright, happy colors that give the outfit balance.
  • Red- Red scrubs can offer a calming effect, as long as you wear the right ones. Soft pink, violet, and rosy red scrubs are perfect, and will match well with light green, light blue, or yellow. Avoid blue-reds, though, as these can come on too strong and increase anger.
  • Greens- Green is a color that many associate with openness, vitality, and growth. It can be a positive color to wear after CNA training, especially when paired with muted red hues, dark blue, and brown. Just don’t wear too much green. This can increase melancholy.
  • White- White is a color that is seen often when searching for scrubs after CNA training, and while they may all look alike to you, there are different kinds. Crisp, bright white scrubs symbolize professionalism, purity, and brightness. This type of white is the kind to pick. Stay away from uniforms made with blue-white material, though. These don’t look inviting, but look sterile instead.

Choosing Scrubs for After CNA Training

Are you looking for the perfect set of scrubs to wear for your work after CNA training? Pay attention to the colors you’re choosing. Some may be better than others in evoking the right emotional response from your patients and from yourself after CNA training.

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