CNA Training – A Good Career for Single Moms?

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Today is Mother’s Day and as another year rolls by, many single mom’s are thinking about bettering themselves and offering more to their children today. If this sounds like you, we certainly are glad you are looking into CNA training as a way to increase your income and provide a more financially stable environment for your child or children. We know being a single mom is a challenge and are here to help you take a look at what CNA training can offer to single moms (or single parents) everywhere.

CNA Training – Perfect for Single Parents?

CNA training is one of the best ways for a single parent to put themselves into a prime position for increased income and a flexible schedule, which are two things every single parent thinks about often. CNA training is a fast track from a minimum wage job to a full time career. But that’s not all:

  • Free CNA Training – Since you are a single parent, you most likely qualify for free or greatly reduced CNA training through a government grant. It’s true. The government offers a great program to help single parents better themselves and become more beneficial to their family since single parent homes are generally considered to be “at risk” or even “high risk” depending where you live. Log onto FAFSA government site for a list of qualifications which can lead to free CNA training.
  • A Flexible Schedule – CNA training offers a flexible schedule to single moms, as long as you look for the right type of employment. We have found the best and most flexible to be home health aide work. You are eligible to apply as a home health aide right out of CNA training. Simply check your local newspaper.
  • Increased Income – You can expect the possibility of earning two to three dollars more per hour than minimum wage, especially if you take a position as a home health aide.
  • Health Care – We know how important it is to have benefits, but in today’s economy they are few and far between. If you do happen to land a position in a hospital or other major medical center, you can expect health insurance for you and your family to be on the roster of perks. This is music to the ears of most single parents.
  • Job Security – Along with a nice rate of pay, there’s nothing as important as knowing your CNA training won’t lead to a dead end job that will eventually be phased out. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical careers, especially for nursing assistants, have been constantly climbing with no end in sight. Especially since baby boomers are now entering retirement age at the rate of 8,000 per day, CNA training is a smart choice and one of the fastest and most cost effective path to a secure career in the field of medicine.

Are you a single parent looking for a career that will be conducive to raising a child, both financially and convenience-wise? A job as a certified nursing assistant may be for you. For more information on CNA training and careers, continue to follow our blog.

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