CNA Training Advice – Are Study Guides Worth the Cost?

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You’ve taken your CNA training courses and now you’re nervous about taking the exam. We see countless CNA training students forking out money on study guides and refreshers out of “fear of failing.” Are these study guides worth the cost or are you better off to simply study the material you were given? Let’s take a look at the choices.

About CNA Training Exam Preparation

When questioned on the issue of CNA training exam preparation, the National Council of State Boards of Nursing responded by pointing out that there are no practice tests to further prepare a student after CNA Training. If you happen to see “practice CNA training exams” for sale online, they are not legitimate and we do not advise you to purchase them. Some come with pretty hefty price tags, upwards of $100. So what does the National Council  recommend to help CNA training students properly cover the material from the CNA training courses? “Good old fashioned index cards,” is what several instructors have advised. The National Council recommends a thorough review with your instructor, which is part of any good CNA training class.

What Can You Expect From the CNA Training Exam?

The certification exam has two parts: written and practical. Many instructors say that the written test is relatively simple for anyone who has studied or even participated properly during CNA training. The practical portion makes some students nervous, since a test examiner is looking over your shoulder while you complete the practical portion.

Most CNA training students will not have to purchase study guides since the material from their CNA training class is more than adequate to prepare for the examination. However, if you feel the supplemental reading would bring you piece of mind, you may benefit from the CNA training study guides.

The Basics of CNA Training Study Guides

The best study guides present an overview of the CNA training examination material in an easy to follow format. You’ll find that only the most important sections of your CNA training are covered and they only provide you with an overview of the material. This gives you insights into the exam itself. Many study guides will also include mock questions and answers so you can test yourself. This is a great way to discover and work on your weak areas.

Definitions often stump the CNA training student. If you do intend on purchasing a CNA study guide, be sure to look for one with a CD that can be popped into your car to help you with the definitions. Also look for iPhone or iPod apps to help with the definition portion. With new apps introduced almost daily, there are plenty of free CNA training study guide apps to assist you.

Final Thoughts on CNA Study Guides

While you don’t necessarily need the CNA training study guides, you should purchase them if you haven’t invested the effort and time to your CNA training. It’s basically the short cut to learning information you should have during your CNA training courses.

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