CNA Training Alert – Top 3 Signs of a Scam

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If you’ve conducted any searches on Google for CNA training classes, there’s no doubt you’ve come up with quite a long list to research. While choosing between a class that offers weekend training as opposed to Monday through Friday may be what’s on your mind, there’s another type of CNA training you need to be aware of, –CNA Training Scams. Yes, unfortunately they’re out there. Fake businesses that will take your money and run. Sometimes the businesses themselves aren’t even fake, which makes the scammers more difficult to detect. Sometimes they are full of promises that they have no way to deliver. So, how do you spot the scammers? Below, we’ve provided you with a list of the top 3 signs that the CNA training class you just called might be on the shady side.

Before even giving a CNA training school a call, your first step is always to call the National League of Nursing Accrediting Commission to check on the credentials of the school you’re thinking about. After you verify they are legitimate, your next step is to conduct a phone interview or view their website for details.

Signs of CNA Training Scam

  1. Verbal promises: You’ve heard the saying, “Get it in writing” before, haven’t you? Well, the CNA training representative you’ll be talking to (either in person or on the phone) is actually a salesperson. Often, the representative makes a commission or bonus for every CNA training student he or she enrolls. If you’re being told things like, “We guarantee you employment after the training,” or “We guarantee you’ll pass the exam,” but this promise isn’t actually written out on any of the paperwork, it’s not true. Sales reps often have the tendency of stretching the truth. Keep that in mind during the interview.
  2. Too Good to Be True: Recently there has been a wave of CNA training that is offered 100% online, in the form of a three day course, and claims that they help you to “challenge” the state exam. The website goes on to say that no actual CNA training is needed to challenge the exam and for just $350 they will show you how to get through this loophole. If you hear something like this or find it online, we would advise you to check it out very carefully. Every state has different exam rules, so you have to be sure the information you are hearing, whether it’s this or any other similar “too good to be true” tales is correct. Fact checking is vital. Scams come in all shapes and sizes.
  3. Vague Contact Information: We see a lot of online CNA training schools that have very a very fishy contact page. Maybe we should call it the lack of a contact page. If you’re paying several hundred to several thousand dollars for training, you should be able to speak to a live person, and a business address should be available. If the CNA training school you are considering has nothing more than a form to fill out on the contact page and nothing verifiable on the About Us Page, I’d say, “Next please.”

Keep in mind that CNA training students are just as vulnerable to scams as anyone else is. Unfortunately dishonest people are everywhere.

Check out your CNA training school thoroughly before considering enrolling.

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