CNA Training and Beyond- Taking Care of Your Scrubs

cna trainingCNA Training

Whether you’ve just started CNA training or have already graduated, there is one thing you have in common with every one of your fellow students and CNAs: you all have or will wear scrubs. These uniforms are now an important part of your life, and looking after them can be quite a challenge. If you aren’t sure of that last statement, consider for a moment all of the bodily fluids you come into contact with on a daily basis.

So how do you keep them spotless, sanitary, and clean? Here are a few tips for before and after CNA training.

Keeping Your Scrubs Clean: CNA Training Tips

  • Choose the Best Size- Yes, size does matter when it comes to choosing scrubs after CNA training. Scrubs that are too little can be uncomfortable to work in and can result in more perspiration. Scrubs that are too big, though, can be a problem as well. The pants can drag the floor, becoming worn and dirty.
  • Utilize Laundry Facilities- Some hospitals and nursing homes will provide on-site laundry services for their CNAs, nurses, and doctors. After CNA training, utilize these facilities. They will not only clean your scrubs for you, but will help reduce your chances of carrying diseases, infections, and biohazard materials out the door.
  • Use Cold Water- In many medical facilities you’ll work in after CNA training, you’ll be instructed to wear certain colors to show what your job is. When you’re washing your scrubs at home, make sure the colors in your uniform don’t bleed or fade by sticking to cold water. If you use bleach, use it only on white scrubs. Color-safe bleach can be used on colorful scrubs, but make sure to test it on a similar material first.
  • Don’t Shrink- Once you’ve found the right sized scrubs, you don’t want their first trip to the dryer to change their size, do you? In order to avoid shrinking, you’ll need to one of two things: either choose the right material when picking out your scrubs or read the recommended temperature settings for the dryer cycle and stick to them. Cotton blends and polyester scrubs are typically the most resilient to shrinking.
  • Wash Separately- By washing your scrubs separately after CNA training, you avoid some major problems. The first problem you avoid is color bleeding. You don’t want another shirt’s colors bleeding onto your uniform and distorting its original hue, after all. The second problem you avoid is the transfer of bacteria. Germs and bacteria ride home on your scrubs every day. Sticking them in the same laundry basket or even in the same wash cycle can spread the germs to your every-day clothing. The third problem you’ll avoid is issues with the warm and cold settings. You will need to use the cold setting for your scrubs after CNA training, but some of your other clothing may need to be washed in warm water. By separating the two types, you avoid any problems.

Keep Your Scrubs Clean After CNA Training

Want to keep your scrubs looking nice? Watch how you care for them, wash them, and dry them after CNA training.

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