CNA Training and Bullying in the Workplace

cna trainingIs Bullying Really an Issue After CNA Training?

Bullying in the workplace is a hot topic right now. It’s something that is being taken more seriously than ever before. Bullying in any form should not be tolerated, whether during CNA training classes or as a CNA training graduate. Bullying isn’t always what you think it is, though. Bullies come in some surprising forms. Let’s take a look at how bullying in the CNA training classroom or workplace can be recognized and addressed:

Recognizing the CNA Training Class Bully

Stress in any form works almost like a block to proper learning. That’s because when stress enters the brain, it immediately demands a fight or flight response from the body. If you’re in a classroom setting or the workplace, these feelings are generally suppressed, and then they fester and can cause real duress. Stress during CNA training can actually cause you to fail the exam, since you’re left without the ability to truly concentrate. In order to recognize the signs of classroom bullying, let’s take a look at this fictitious example of a CNA training class:

  • The new CNA training class instructor has definite class favorites. Some of the students are helped repeatedly, while a few others seem intentionally left behind. When they ask questions, the instructor acts like they are a bother or makes snide remarks to belittle them. As a result, they don’t ask questions during the CNA training class. Is this bullying? Absolutely it is. You paid for your CNA training class and should absolutely have the best possible environment in which to learn. If a CNA training instructor is not providing an atmosphere conducive to learning, he or she should immediately be reported.
  • The CNA training course you signed up for has three students who have made rude comments to you about your weight. You thought this was over in high school but now you see that people still do this, even when they are adults. You try to ignore it and don’t really want your CNA training instructor to stick up for you. What should you do? Is this a clear case of bullying? Of course it is. You should never be make to feel embarrassed or as if you are less than others. Since the CNA training instructor did not do anything, the incident should be reported to a superior.
  • As a new CNA training graduate, you recently landed your first job. Instead of assisting you and showing you the ropes, it seems that two of the CNAs are determined to make sure you fail. You thought this was only something you saw on tv or read about, but here you are in your first position and these two aren’t answering any of your questions. You’ve tried to be cordial and polite but things just keep getting worse. You even found your time card missing after your first week. Is this considered bullying? Yes, and as petty and juvenile as it may seem, you should report this behavior now, instead of allowing it to fester or get any worse.

Your CNA training and budding new career are things to be proud of. Don’t let bullies take the joy out of your days. Stand up for yourself, report any bullying behavior and make your CNA training and career environment better for everyone.

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