CNA Training and Career Q&A – What’s The Fastest Way to Enter the Medical Field

cna trainingCNA Training and Career Questions

Here at CNA Training Class website, we receive plenty of questions about medical careers. One of the most prevalent topics is from aspiring CNA training students or individuals thinking about a career in medicine who are not completely convinced that this is the field for them. Just last week we received this email:

“Hi CNA Training Class team! Got a question for you. My mom was an LPN for over two decades and my older sister is currently an RN. I think I’m interested in healthcare but I’m not completely committed. Is there a way to try out the medical field without having to go through all the training. I’m worried about spending the money, getting the education, and then deciding that the medical field is not for me. Any suggestions?”

Of course, we have plenty of answers to this common question. Our favorite goes something like this:

CNA Training – Your Quick Entrance into the Field of Medicine

Great question. It’s nice to see that those interested in the field of medicine are thinking things through. CNA training is a very good option for anyone who is interested in a career in medicine but not quite 100% committed as of yet. CNA training classes hold numerous benefits. Here’s the breakdown:

Benefits of CNA Training Before a Medical Career

  • Time – CNA training will allow the potential medical student to quickly enter the field of medicine to see if it’s a good fit. Generally, CNA training takes less than six months to complete. After your CNA training you’ll have hands on experience as well as the chance to speak to other CNAs, RNs and LPNs on a daily basis. More than the ability to speak to them, you’ll be able to observe them.
  • Observation – Speaking of observations, the CNA training graduate has the prime opportunity to watch everything that goes on in the medical setting. Do the RNs seem to enjoy their work? Do they seem appreciated? Are they treated well by their superiors? Now, of course, this is just one medical facility, so you really can’t judge the dynamics of the staff and management too harshly, because you can always work at a different location. But overall, you’ll get to witness what it’s like to be a RN or an LPN. This will give you an idea of what to truly expect.
  • The Little Things – We’ve witnessed many RN’s who practice for a year or so before coming to the realization that this line of work just isn’t  for them. This is why CNA training can be so valuable. Can you really handle the sights and smells of the hospital? Or what about a nursing facility? A lot of people think they can handle it, but really they can’t. Even something as small as changing a bed pan or cleaning up a soiled bed can push a person over the edge.
  • An Added Skill – Lastly, there is no harm in taking CNA training classes. CNA training is the least expensive route to health care and takes the least amount of time. In many states a person can go through CNA training classes and become certified for less than $1500 and in less than six months (sometimes less than 3 months).

Whatever career path you choose, if you are at all interested in nursing, go ahead and take CNA training classes. You’ll get hands on experience and insights into the medical field that you could never receive any other way.

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