CNA Training and Careers – Case Study of a Negligent CNA

cna trainingCNA Training and Careers – Case Study

As a responsible (and probably excited) CNA training graduate who is ready to embark on a new medical career, you’re looking for the best way to handle yourself in all aspects of your job. Although your CNA training instructor may not have filled you in on the details, you’ll be wearing many hats as a nursing assistant. Much like a cosmetologist student doesn’t always realize that he or she will also become a marketer, a salesman, and sometimes even a counselor, –a CNA training graduate may not fully realize the different roles he or she will play. In order to prepare you for a fruitful and rewarding career, we’ve put together a few case studies, which we’ll be rolling out over the next month. Today, our focus will be on Dan, a CNA training graduate who we believe started out with the best intentions, but ended up making one wrong choice after another. At the time, he felt justified in his decisions, but in the end, he lost his job and his chance at a medical career. Don’t let Dan’s story happen to you. Read the following highlights and learn from this CNA training graduates unfortunate mistakes.

CNA Training Graduate Case Study

Dan’s career after CNA training seemed to start out well. He was placed in an adult care facility and although the routine was demanding and seemed a bit overwhelming, he caught on quickly and received an excellent 90 day performance review. Dan became attached to several of the residents, worked well with the staff, and seemed to be adapting to his new career quite nicely.

After six months, Dan was moved to a new wing. It was a bit more difficult and some of the patients had advanced dementia, which made them prone to mood swings. On one particular day, Dan had completed dressing Ed, a 83 year old patient and handed him his morning coffee. Ed had been irritated all morning, had been slow, and said a few course things to Dan. Dan wasn’t in the mood for this. He has two other patients who weren’t even dressed yet. As soon as Ed was handed his coffee, he proceeded to spill it right onto Dan’s legs and shoes. Dan asked Ed to sit down so he wouldn’t fall on the spill, but was visably irritated. Ed refused to sit down and wandered into the hallway while Dan was cleaning up the mess. While in the hall, Ed began to badger one of the other residents. Dan had enough of this, so he went in the hall, took Ed by the hand, sat him in his wheelchair and clipped the tray on. Dan knew Ed’s fingers were not strong enough to unclip the tray and he would have to sit there until he finished cleaning up. Ed began to cry out saying, “I don’t want to be in this chair! Get me out! Get me out!” Dan ignored him. After all, Ed did this to himself. Dan thought back to his CNA training for a moment, and the rules about restraint, but decided this was the best option. After all, Ed was safe and Dan needed a break. Dan cleaned up the spilled coffee, left Ed in the chair, closed the room door and proceeded to the next patient’s room to finish his work.

In the meantime, Ed’s daughter had come to visit and was standing out in the hall during a good portion of this event. She heard her father request not to be restrained, and she witnessed the fact that he was ignored. After Dan left her father in the room alone and went on to finish his duties, Ed’s daughter called for supervisors. She retold the story and our CNA training graduate, Dan, got to retell it from his viewpoint.

Dan was fired.

CNA Training Review – What Went Wrong?

As you learned in CNA training, restraining a patient and / or isolating them against their will directly infringes upon a patient’s rights and is never tolerated. Dan remembered all this from his CNA training but chose to ignore it, instead practicing situational ethics. Dan was fired and later charged with neglect. Don’t let this happen to you.

Patients have rights. If you are frazzled, call for help. Never take situations into your own hands. As you learned in CNA training and read in this case study, it never turns out well.

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