CNA Training and Employment in California

CNA TrainingA Rise in CNA Training and Careers

This iconic west coast U.S. state is one of the most heavily populated in the country. 1 out of every 8 Americans lives in California. Consequently the demands on Californian infrastructure and health care are quite high. In an effort to keep up with the growing demand for health care professionals California is actively encouraging unskilled workers to take the big step and qualify as a Certified Nursing Assistant. But is being a CNA in California a wise career move? We’ve compiled a quick overview of the perks and requirements of taking on CNA training in the Golden State.

CNA Training and Careers in California

How many CNAs are employed in California?
According to the Bureau of Labor statistics there are approximately 99,500 Nursing assistants who have completed CNA training working in the state of California as of the beginning of 2013. This is a 1.7% rise from the same time last year. California’s demand for CNAs is predicted to increase by 20% by 2020.

What are the state specific CNA training requirements?
California requires student in CNA training to undergo the following:
1.    An intensive 150 hour state accredited CNA training course
2.    A physical exam to ensure that there are no pre-existing medical conditions that could impede the candidate’s ability to safely perform tasks for residents, patients and supervising medical staff.
3.    A criminal history check to ensure that there are no felonies or disqualifying misdemeanours that will prevent the candidate from working within a medical facility.
4.    Work experience in an approved medical facility.
5.    Pass a practical skills exam under the supervision of a state approved examiner
6.    Pass a written theory exam in state approved conditions or via a state approved online study portal.
You can begin a CNA training course in California at the age of 15, but you are unable to operate as a certified nursing assistant until you are at least 16 years of age.
Once a student in CNA training has completed the requirements and passed the exams they are then placed on the California State Health Worker Registry so that prospective employers can verify their qualifications.

What is the California State Licensing body for CNAs and CNA training?
The California Department of Public Health administrates CNA licensing and all other types of health and nursing licensing within the state. Their comprehensive list of trained individuals, known as the L & C Certification Verification Search is available online and allows complete transparency during the hiring process. Prospective employers are able to ensure that they are performing their due diligence by checking the credentials of a candidate.

What is the average pay rate of a CNA in California?
The mean rate of pay in Californian state is $29,000 per annum and the average salary per annum works out to be about $25,000 in line with the national average.

CNA training and employment in California can set you on the path of a fantastic and easily sustainable career, and can allow you to make a rewarding and valuable contribution to health care in your community.

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