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Illinois is a prosperous state in Midwestern North America. It is the 5th most populous state in the country, and is often perceived as a small scale version of the United States as a whole with a similar cross section of ethnicity, belief systems and political view and as a result this state is a great indicator for the future growth and working conditions for Certified nursing aides.

Illinois CNA and CNA Training

CNA pay rates in Illinois
CNA pay rates are in the top end of the scale falling just short of the average salary nationwide. A CNA working in Chicago and other areas of the state could reasonably expect to be earning $22,000 per annum.

Illinois State Health Care Worker Registry
Illinois has implemented a Health Care worker registry which lists the relevant details of workers qualified in the healthcare industry. These details include but are not limited; to background checks, qualifications, results and certifications for every healthcare worker registered for work in the state. You may not work in permanent employment as a CNA in Illinois without being included in this list.

CNA Training Requirements in Illinois
Different states require different CNA training, therefore Illinois requires that all CNAs complete specific state certified training or military medical aide training including a formal written competency test. If a candidate has undertaken CNA training in another state they are required to demonstrate acquired learning and skills in line with Illinois State requirements. This demonstration of skills can be conducted by any licenses CNA training provider in the state.

Students in CNA training are required to complete and provide evidence for 40 hours of clinical placement. A background check must be conducted and come back with no findings of abuse, neglect or misappropriation of medical property in any state or territory of the U.S. There are also many disqualified federal offenses and misdemeanors that may lead to the rejection of an application to be included on the Health Care Worker Registry.

Assessment and Exams
An Illinois state examiner must also have deemed the candidate to have passed a CNA training manual skills assessment. This test must be conducted and administered by an approved evaluator and the candidate must demonstrate knowledge of ALL the required skill sets.

The Southern Illinois University at Carbondale administers online written assessments for CNA training and certification across the state allowing for greater accessibility to the assessment portals.

An unqualified person may be employed in a CNA in Illinois provided they complete the written and practical assessment and the preceding accredited CNA training within the specified grace period. This can be between 45 and 120 days. However 16 hours of state approved training is required before contact with any residents or patients.

Career Prospects in Illinois after CNA training
There is huge scope for growth in the Chicago City health industry, with a steadily growing population and increases in health care funding on the horizon. Being a CNA in Illinois could be your pathway to a long career with further study and advancement opportunities and on the job training incentives becoming increasingly popular as state medical facilities struggle to meet the ever growing need for qualified medical staff.

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