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Texas is the second most populated and also second largest state in the United States. The health care demands in Houston and surrounds are reported to be rising in line with the national rate. The health care industry is predicted to experience record growth with an estimated 20% increase in the amount of CNA positions within hospitals and medical facilities. This growth has resulted in a tremendous push for quality staff that have undergone the necessary CNA training. But is CNA training and employment in Texas a positive career move?

CNA Training Information

How many CNAs are employed on the State of Texas?
There were 136,804 active CNA licenses in the state of Texas according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in September 2012. This number is set to grow 20% by the year 2022, making this one of the strongest growth industries in the state.

What is the CNA Pay rate in Texas?
The pay rate per annum in Texas is $20,000 but this is set to increase over the next 2 decades in line with industry demands. This rate is below the national average of $25,000 but the living costs of the average Texan household a much lower than that of say, New York State.

What are the CNA training requirements in the State of Texas?
In order to become a Certified Nursing Aide or Assistant in Texas you must successfully complete a state sanctioned CNA training course.  After the accredited CNA training program the candidate must pass a practical and written theory exam. You are not required to have a high school diploma or general education diploma in order to be a registered nursing aide in Texas.

Examination Requirements and Restrictions
The exams for your CNA training must be completed within 24 months of the accredited course being completed. The practical exam must be administered by a Texas County approved examiner and the written exam must be sat under exam conditions at an accredited education facility or via a state approved online training portal.

Can I undertake the test without undertaking the training program?
Many previously trained nursing aides can apply to have their skills and knowledge assessed without taking on any further CNA training. Some of the circumstances in which a candidate may apply for recognition of prior learning include:

  • If the candidate has successfully completed a CNA training and assessment program in another state.
  • If the candidate has successfully completed 100 hours or more of military medical aide training that is equivalent to civilian CNA training.
  • If the candidate was previously accredited as an LVN or RN in Texas, or previously completed the course and exam requirements but were not registered as a licensed nurse
  • If the candidate is enrolled in state accredited nursing training and have demonstrated competence in the required skill and knowledge areas.

Becoming a Trained Certified Nursing Aide in Texas is a great way to kick start your health care career. The range of job opportunities and scope for advancement is as good, if not better than anywhere else in the country.

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