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Rural Development Grant to Fund $6.2 Million Health Care Facility Redevelopment
The regional area of Richardton has been serviced by the Richardton Heath Centre for over 60 years and the centre has been in dire need of a revamp for quite some time. Now thanks to a USDA Rural Development loan to the tune of $5.5 million the clinic will now be able to commence a $6.2 million renovation. This funding will help the centre provide extensive health care to the Richardton area of North Dakota.

CNA Training News

What will the renovation involve?
The renovations will allow for an increase in nursing home spaces in the aged care facility from 20 to 24 beds, which may not seem like much at face value but it is small improvements like this that will allow patients and residents in regional areas to receive adequate local care and ease the pressure on large state hospitals. The nursing home facility will also be made adjacent to the clinical services that are to receive this upgrade. The new facility will be hugely beneficial to the local community, particularly those requiring care and their families.

What CNA Opportunities will be available as a result?
Additional patients and residents mean additional staffing requirements. The increased facilities will require an increase in staffing levels. Whilst the North Dakota Richardton area is relatively isolated the Centre Administration has made mention of staff housing, citing that as a prospective employer they can attract the staff but have trouble finding affordable accommodation in the area. Hopefully this loan may allow them to remedy this situation.

What local training facilities are available?
St Benedict’s Health Centre of North Dakota provides training facilities for unqualified CNAs and this experience can be used in conjunction with state accredited certification. A bit further afield there are a wide variety of state and private nursing and nursing assistant schools offering exceptional CNA training.

What do these types of loans mean for CNA training and employment?
Small development loans to improve regional facilities will mean a greater diversity in CNA training and employment opportunities. Rural aged care facilities allow CNAs long term employment without having to relocate to a highly populated city. The cost of living is dramatically reduced as in many cases staff can be housed on site, either for free or at a subsidised rate. This style of loan can also allow further regional workplace learning opportunities, CNA training and traineeships. The renovations and improvements at the Richardton Centre and others like in around the country are changing the landscape of health care and making locally accessible residential and clinical care a real possibility.

Micro Loans and Rural development loans have been used to meet health care demands nationally and across the globe with great success. Bolstering and developing new and existing regional services increases employment opportunities for nursing staff and CNAs, and coupled with education and CNA training grants, this developmental funding trend could improve not only patient care but the nation’s unemployment levels.

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