CNA Training and Job Placement Services

cna trainingReady for Your New Job After CNA Training?

You’re a CNA training graduate and you’re ready to find a job. While this sounds simple enough, it’s not that easy. It can be difficult to find companies looking to fill this position, especially when they don’t advertise.  While the job market for CNAs may not look promising after finishing your CNA courses, there is hope.

Using a job placement service can be a gold mine of CNA positions. They specialize in finding some of the best CNAs available for companies. They also work with new CNA training graduates to find them their first jobs to gain that valuable experience they need.

How Companies Seek CNA Training Graduates Through Job Placement Services

When companies want to find quality CNAs, they seek job placement services. It’s an easy way to find the CNA training graduates, eager for employment and with the skills they need for their clients.

Companies contact the job placement services seeking out of work CNAs or CNA training graduates. They will provide a list of skills they expect a nursing assistant to have and then leave it up to the staff to find them.

In a couple of days, the company receives the number of nursing assistants they asked for and everyone is happy. The company has the workers it needs, the nursing assistants have the jobs they desire and the job placement service has done its duty.

A CNA Training Graduate’s Experience

As a CNA training graduate, you can enter into a job placement service for help finding a job. You’ll have to fill out an application that includes all of the CNA courses you took during training. You’ll also have a chance to write about any experience you have in the nursing field.

While the application is a good way to show the job placement service what you have done so far as a CNA training graduate, you’ll also need to have an interview with someone at the job placement center. The interviewer will want to know what type of setting you’d like to work in, why you want to work in that setting and the skills you believe would help you succeed in the type of work you want to do.

Once you complete the review process with the job placement service, you wait for a call from them about an available job. You’ll then receive instructions on whether you will need to report for your first day at work ready to care for patients, or that you’ll have to interview with the employer first.

The Good and Bad of Job Placement Agencies

The advantage of job placement agencies for CNA training graduates is that it provides them an easy way to find a job. It also helps them find a job quickly, which means they can start to pay back school loans or take care of their families.

The downside is that job placement services usually have low paying CNA work available. They usually work with assisted living facilities and retirement homes, which pay CNAs the lowest salary out of all work settings.

While this may sound undesirable, it’s actually just the reality of what it’s like to start from the bottom with minimal experience. Once new CNAs refine their skills and show people they are able to handle the work on a daily basis, they’ll be in a better position to land higher paying CNA positions.

What to Do After CNA Training Graduation

When you aren’t sure what you’ll do after you graduate, job placement services can greatly help your plan. Take a day to let them know you are a recent CNA training graduate and have a job in just a few days.

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