CNA Training and the Nursing Process

cna trainingCNA Training; Nursing Diagnosis and Care Planning

One of the most important principals and procedures that you will need to be aware of during your CNA training and employment is that of the nursing process and the steps that your supervising nurses and doctors will be taking to ensure quality and appropriateness of care. Nursing diagnosis and care planning are two of the most important step of the nursing process and procedure. These steps play a pivotal role in determining the ongoing health and well-being of a patient or resident in your care. But what is a CNAs role in nursing diagnosis and care planning? And how can your CNA training help you fulfill your responsibilities?

Everything You Need to Know About Nursing Diagnosis in CNA Training

What is the Nursing Diagnosis?
The nursing diagnosis is the process by which a licensed nurse puts together a detailed analysis of the patient’s symptoms to ascertain what is the likely illness, ailment or injury. This involves collating and comparing the patient’s medical history and observed behaviors and vitals since admission.

Who is responsible for the nursing diagnosis?
The responsibility for an accurate nursing diagnosis falls to a licensed or registered nurse that has the appropriate training to consider all aspects of the patient’s condition before making recommendations as to how to proceed. However it is crucial that supporting staff are providing the nurse with accurate information to ensure an accurate diagnosis.

What role do CNAs and students in CNA training have during this process?
Though CNAs and students on placement for their CNA training cannot have an active role to play during the actual diagnosis they play a pivotal role in recording and observing accurately the information required. Your CNA training will provide you will the essential tools and information in order to correctly document your patient observations during your CNA training and further employment.

Everything You Need to Know About Care Planning in CNA Training

What is Care Planning?
Care planning occurs after a reasonable diagnosis has been established. The care plan for each patient is not only a guide for their continued care but it is also a legal document that will be relied upon to provide information during an inquiry or investigation. And effective care plan will consider:

  • staffing rosters, shits and schedules
  •  the limitations of a patient’s abilities
  • the specific needs of a patient
  • the specific and reasonable desires of a patient

Who is responsible for care planning?
A nurse and consulting doctors develop the care plan and will sometimes involve other staff who have had ongoing contact with the patient such as a CNA. Your CNA training and experience in a medical environment will allow you to pass on relevant information and to effectively communicate necessary information.

What role do CNAs and students in CNA training have during this process?
CNAs and the information they collect whilst dealing with patients on a personal and ongoing basis provide the back bone to patient care planning.

Nursing diagnosis and care panning are just two steps of the nursing process, for further information on the nursing process and the role of CNAs and students in CNA training see previous articles on the subject

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