CNA Training – Aren’t All Training Centers the Same?

cna trainingCNA Training Schools – How to Spot the Good Ones

While we’d all like to believe that CNA training is the same regardless of where we attend, nothing could be farther from the truth. While most CNA training classes will provide you with the necessary skills to move on to your new medical career, there are some things to watch for when deciding on which CNA training classes are right for you. Here’s a list of things you can do as well as tell-tale signs to look for that will help you spot a winning CNA training school.

CNA Training School – What to Avoid

Before getting into what to look for, let’s list the things you should definitely avoid:

  • An overpriced school – All CNA training in your area should be within a few hundred dollars when comparing the costs. If there is a CNA training school with exceptionally¬† high prices, I would definitely question it. The best way to find out about a particular class or school is to ask around. Are you big on social media? Put out a post about a particular CNA training school and see what type of response you get.
  • Free CNA training that has you sign a work contract – Although this can be a great way to obtain free CNA training, it can also end up being quite a headache. Find out the conditions of the free training. Will you be required to hold your CNA license through the particular facility? What we mean by this is, will you lose your CNA training credentials if you do break the contract and quit? Sometimes the contract you sign will force you to pay an inflated price for breaking the contract. Whatever your decision, be sure to read the fine print. Also, be sure to check out the facility you will be contracted to work for once your CNA training is complete. How do the other employees feel about working there? Wait in the parking lot and ask some questions if you have to. It may sound foolish now, but it can save you from a potential mess and a couple years of your career if you do your homework now.

CNA Training – What to Look For

  • Low or No Interest Payment Plan – Not every CNA training student has the funds up front to attend the school of their choice. By looking for a training center with a payment plan you’ll increase the number of options you have and possibly be able to attend a school that has other perks as well: closer to your home, more convenient hours, etc.
  • References and Reviews from Former CNA Training Students – Again, let’s talk about social media as well as review sites. Do your homework, ask questions, find out the inside scoop. Yes, you may feel like the FBI, but it will be worth it in the end. A great way to review a training center is by Googling the school name followed by the words “scam” or “complaints.”
  • An Established CNA Training Center – Look up the training center you are considering and find out how long they’ve been around. Although new CNA training centers may be fine, you’ll probably want to stick with an established center with a good reputation.

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