CNA Training: Can You Take Your CNA Training While in High School?

cna trainingA question we are asked quite often is whether or not a high school student can take their CNA training while in high school. This is a great question indeed, and just proves that there are extremely forward thinking and motivated students out there, concerned about their careers enough to want to get their CNA training completed as soon as possible.

The answer to this question isn’t quite as easy, since it will depend on your individual high school, along with the state laws governing CNA training courses. If CNA training is allowed in your high school, it will be considered a Post Secondary Education Option (PSEO) or Dual Enrollment. If your particular school and state do offer the option of certified nursing assistant training, here are the steps you’ll need to take in order to enroll.

Are You Ready for CNA Training Classes?

First of all, you’ll need to decide if CNA training is right for you. A CNA is trained to provide patients with hands on basic care during their entire shift. Whether you are employed in a hospital center, an adult care facility, a rehabilitation center, or a specialized hospital or center (such as Hospice), you’ll still be providing many of the same duties. What is hands on basic care? These are the duties necessary for a patient to experience a normal quality of life. Basic care can include bathing, toileting assistance, grooming, dressing, feeding, oral care, and sometimes rehabilitative help, such as range of motion exercises.

If you are not the type of individual who enjoys providing hands on assistance, or if you think you would be queasy if helping a patient with toileting or grooming, then a career as a nursing assistance may not be for you. Also consider that most CNAs are in charge of several patients at once, so there is a degree of multi-tasking involved. If these all sound like tasks you’d be interested in, your next step is to make an appointment with your school counselor.

Steps to PSEO or Dual Enrollment for the CNA Training Course

  • Talk to your high school guidance counselor and check to see if your school offers post secondary education options or dual enrollment and how to go about pursuing your nursing assistant certification.
  • One of the requirements for dual enrollment is a certain grade point average that you must maintain throughout high school. Generally, it’s about a 3.5. You’ll have to prove that you are able to handle your high school classes along with the demanding amount of studying you will be doing for a college level CNA training class.
  • Next, make an appointment with a college administrator to learn the requirements and plan your enrollment.  The CNA training class consists of classroom time as well as hands on training and clinical experience.

What Are the Advantages of Dual Enrollment or PSEO? Free CNA Training!

The reason most high school students make the decision to dual enroll is because training is free for any post secondary education option for the entire time the student is in high school. That means you can receive your complete CNA training while in high school for free. If you already are sure this is the career for you, dual enrollment is a smart choice that can get you the CNA training you are looking for, free of charge!

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  1. Isariany Says:

    Where can i go
    To take a free cna tranning class

  2. Banda Sherpa Says:

    i really want to take a health care class so please help me about this….

  3. Banda Sherpa Says:

    I really want to take free CNA class please hep me where can i go…

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    I really want to do cna because i have a passion for helping people and to be able to take care of them if they need, my help or not.that is why want to do cna

  6. Melanie Wattkins Says:

    My highschool is having free CNA classes, I am currently debating weather to take them or not. I figure that even if i don’t want to be a doctor, or nurse it would still be nice to know these things. I am currently a sophomore and will be taking it next year. But the only problem i have is you have to pay for books and the final exam. Although its nice because the class itself is free. :) THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR INFORMATION

  7. Nolande Gelin Says:

    I really want to be a cna and am trying to find out how I could get into the classes free or for a low rate. would someone please help me?

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