CNA Training Certification: Alaska

cna trainingAre you a CNA or want to become one? Whether you live in Alaska or have recently moved to the state, you need to know the details behind working as a CNA in this state and the CNA training that is required.

CNA Training Hours in Alaska

Alaska is a state that requires one of the largest amount of hours for CNA training in the United States. While federal requirements are only 75 hours, Alaska demands prospective CNAs undergo at least 140 hours of CNA training. This training must be completed in a class that has been approved by the state and must include both classroom and clinical training.

Transferring Your CNA Training Certification to Alaska

Whether or not you’re allowed to transfer your CNA training certification from another state to Alaska will depend on a number of factors. You must be able to show:

  • That you have completed an approved CNA training class in another state.
  • That you have earned your certification in that state by passing the state exam.
  • That your previous CNA training program included at least 140 hours of training. This includes 80 hours of clinical CNA training and 60 hours in the classroom.
  • That you have not had an violations against your career. This means you have never been accused or convicted of abuse or neglect of your previous patients.

If your history is clean, and you are able to prove all of this, you may be eligible to transfer your CNA training certification to Alaska. First, however, you must complete the CNA license procedure.

This procedure for reciprocity involves filling out a form, located here. Once you have done this, you’ll need to gather a few items to send with the form.

  • A money order for $279 is required. If a prospective employer has agreed to pay this fee, you’ll need to have them fill out a purchase order or voucher that can be sent with the form.
  • A fingerprint card will need to be filled out at your local law enforcement agency and attached to the application. Be sure it is form FD 258.
  • You’ll need to include a photograph of yourself on page two of the application. The photograph needs to be 2in by 2in, just like a passport photo.

After completing these steps, contact the nurse aid registry in Alaska and request the Verification of Training for Alaska Nurse Aide Registry or the Verification of Credentials for Alaska Nurse Aide Registry. You’ll need to fill out the first section on one of these forms and send it in with your application.

Renewing Your Alaska CNA Training Certification

Already live in Alaska and have your CNA training license? If so, you’ll need to make sure it is up-to-date and renewed every two years. This process requires much more in Alaska than in some states. For instance, you’ll need to complete 12 hours of continued CNA training in your first two years as a CNA in order to renew. Each year after that, you will need to complete 12 hours of training. You’ll also need to work a minimum of 160 hours (for pay) during the two years prior to your renewal.

You’ll need to obtain one of two forms, located here, to renew your license. The form you choose will be based on your the license number on your certification.

Alaska can be one of the best states to be a CNA, but you’ll need to understand how things work if you want to transfer or renew your license after CNA training.



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