CNA Training Certification for Wisconsin

cna trainingCNA Training

If you live in the state of Wisconsin and are planning on becoming a CNA or transferring your CNA training certification to the state, you may be seeking a little information about where to begin your journey so you will be able to work in the health care field in this area. In order to obtain your certification, you’ll first need to complete CNA training. In the state of Wisconsin, this involves 120 hours total, with 88 hours dedicated to the classroom and 32 hours to hands-on experience.

If you’re coming from another state, in which you’ve already earned your certification, you may not have to retake CNA training. As long as your license is valid, you may be able to transfer it via a process known as reciprocity. Let’s take a look at how that works.

CNA Training Certification Through Reciprocity

In order to qualify for reciprocity, you must have obtained your certification in another state, it must be in good standing, and it must be active. Your first step will be to fill out an application to request the transfer through Wisconsin’s Department of Health Services. The state will then review all of the details of your CNA training and your past work. They will check to make sure you completed a training program that was approved by your particular state, and they will check to see if that state’s training covered everything that Wisconsin’s programs are required to cover.

The review of your application will take five to ten days after the Department of Health Services receives it. If it is accepted, your name will be placed in the nursing registry and the CNA training certification for Wisconsin will be sent to you by mail.

Transferring your CNA training certification involves the following steps:

  • Obtain an application here.
  • Fill out Part 1 of the application, including personal, training, and employment information.
  • Make a copy of your current certification and attach it to the application.
  • Submit Part 1 to the state you are transferring from.
  • Complete Part 2 of the application and submit it to the Department of Health Services.

Renewing Your CNA Training License

Have a CNA training certification from the state of Wisconsin, but aren’t sure how to renew it? In this state, renewal takes place every two years. You’ll receive forms in the mail that you must fill out and return in order to continue working as a CNA and keep your license in good standing. It generally only takes two weeks to complete the renewal application and have it be approved.

In order to qualify for renewal, you must have worked under the supervision of an LPN or RN for at least 8 hours in the last two years, have avoided any felony convictions, and have no complaints from former patients.

Be careful to avoid letting your certification lapse. This means you’ll have to retake the written and skills state exam, and if you let the certification lapse for too long, you may be forced to completely retake CNA training.


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