CNA Training Certification Info: Maine

cna trainingCNA Training

Becoming a CNA in Maine can be a very rewarding experience. In addition to being able to enter the health care field rapidly, you will have the opportunity to work with patients in numerous settings, including hospitals, adult day care centers, assisted living, and nursing homes. Here you’ll provide patients with continuous care, helping them with activities of daily living, range of motion exercises, and meal planning. Your CNA training will also allow you to assist them in some medical ways by keeping track of their input and output, vitals, and reporting changes in mood or behavior to your supervisor.

Before you can work as a CNA in Maine, however, you must complete CNA training and earn your certification. Here is a little information on how you’ll do this.

The CNA Training Required

Maine offers many different CNA training programs that have been approved by the state. While federal regulations require at least 75 hours of class work, Maine requires that their CNAs take 180 hours of CNA training before earning their certification. This include lab work, classroom instruction, and clinicals. Once the CNA classes are complete, students can sit for the state exam, which consists of two parts: a written and skills section. Passing both of these sections will allow you to obtain your certification and be registered with the state board of nursing.

Reciprocity in Maine: CNA Training Certification

If you have completed CNA training in another state and move to Maine, you may not have to take CNA courses again. In order for your certification to be transferred, however, you must:

  • Have an active certification in another state
  • Contact DHHS, or the Department of Health and Human Services in Maine so that you can fill out an application to have your current certification accepted.
  • If the state where you earned your certification required less than 180 hours of training, you will need to take and pass a bridge exam before you can obtain your CNA training license in Maine.

Renewing Your Certification

Like most states, you will need to renew your CNA training certification every two years. You’ll receive the paperwork for the recertification at least two months prior to the date when your CNA training license is set to expire. You must complete each of the forms you are sent, verify that you have worked at least 8 hours as a CNA in the last two year, and pay any fees before the certification expires if you want it to be renewed.

If your certification has already expired, you will need to contact the state’s Nurse Aide Registry to ask how you can renew the certification. They will be able to give you up-to-date information based on how long your license has been inactive. If it has been a while since you had an active license, you may need to take the state test again or retake CNA training.

Thinking of becoming a CNA in Maine? There are many benefits, and with the right information you can earn or transfer the certification you earned by taking CNA training.

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