CNA Training Certification Information: Mississippi

cna trainingCNA Training

Becoming a certified nursing assistant in Mississippi provides you with a wonderful and unique opportunity to get in on the ground-floor level of health care. You’ll have the opportunity to be a real asset to patients in any number of medical facilities and settings. You’ll learn the skills necessary to take care of patients’ basic physical and medical needs. First, though, you’ll need to go through CNA training.


CNA Training Requirements for Mississippi

Most CNA training classes in Mississippi cover 100 hours of training. These classes are taught by registered nurses and must be approved by the Department of Health in Mississippi. An approved class ensures you learn everything necessary to become a CNA, but it also allows you to sit for the exam administered by Pearson VUE after CNA training. This exam determines whether or not you will be eligible for certification.

Renew Your CNA Training Certification

After you’ve received your certification from the nurse aide registry in Mississippi, you’ll need to renew it every two years. A renewal form will be sent to your home two months before the certification is going to expire. In order to qualify, you’ll need to prove that you worked eight hours as a CNA in the state within the last two years. A fee of $26.00 must accompany the completed form. Wait at least two weeks for the registry to process your application and determine whether or not the CNA training certification will be renewed for another two years.

Reciprocity in Mississippi After CNA Training

If you’re moving to the state of Mississippi and want to transfer your license so you can continue working as a CNA, you’ll need to obtain an application from the Department of Health for reciprocity. Here are the steps that must be taken:

  • Fill out the form completely, entering your personal information and details about your previous state certification. You’ll need to include the date your CNA training license was issued and the certification number.
  • Provide proof that you worked as a CNA in your previous state for at least eight hours in the last 24 months. This can be done by obtaining a letter from your former employer that is signed by an administrator or DON.
  • Pay the $26 application fee; this should be included with the rest of your documents.
  • Send the application to Pearson VUE in Philadelphia, PA.

It may take several weeks for your application to be approved. Be careful to review all of the documents thoroughly before sending them to Pearson for review. Make sure as well that your current license is active in the state you are moving from. If it isn’t, you may have take CNA training again.

Are you ready to continue working as a CNA, but aren’t sure where to begin? Whether you’re renewing your certification in Mississippi or transferring your certification so you can legally work as a nursing assist in this state, use these tips to avoid retaking CNA training.

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