CNA Training Class: The Real Deal

certified nursing assistantYes, the American Dream is to finish school, get a foot in the door with your career and start making things happen. Is that possible as a certified nursing assistant? Absolutely. If you are looking for a medical career that is both fulfilling and financially rewarding, a career as a certified nursing assistant is ideal.

Do You Have What it Takes to Become a Certified Nursing Assistant?

If you want to start a career and begin making money right away, a career as a nursing assistant can be ideal for the right person. If you are seriously considering becoming a certified nursing assistant, take a look at the following list of qualifications. The right candidate for a certified nursing assistant will have these traits:

  • Are you caring and have a desire to help others?
  • Are you okay with working with body fluids and helping others with toileting and basic care?
  • Do you like to form relationships with individuals? Can you listen intently to problems, complaints, and troubles while keeping a positive attitude?
  • Are you willing to help patients through rehabilitation periods and motivating them toward complete recovery?
  • Are you able to multitask and handle more than one patient at a time? Many times a certified nursing assistant will be responsible for 4-5 patients who share a room. The CNA will need to care for the patient’s as well as keeping up with the quality of the room.
  • Would you be able to patiently feed, dress, and provide care for a person who is slow to react or who needs extra ¬†attention? Many aspiring certified nursing assistants think that they have what it takes to go the extra mile with their patients but soon lose patience. You’ll need to think this over carefully before enrolling in a certified nursing assistant training program. Patients are often unruly, aggressive, angry, and argumentative. Don’t expect every day to be perfect. You’ll be cleaning, caring for, and feeding patients who are difficult and unappreciative. Always picture the worst case scenario and decide whether or not you can deal with the circumstances or not.
  • Can you deal with death and continue to work and carry on your daily activities and duties? We all deal with death differently. A certified nursing assistant often faces death more frequently than other individuals. You’ll have to deal with family members, work on your coping and consoling skills, and move on to the next day. Death is a part of life. As a certified nursing assistant, you’ll have to deal with this issue.
  • Can you deal with your boss? Often, a certified nursing assistant will be required to deal with difficult supervisors who have an agenda. As a certified nursing assistant, you’ll be required to get a certain amount of work accomplished during an eight hour shift. This will be required regardless of difficulties or how you feel about the work.

As a certified nursing assistant, you’ll need to decide whether or not you have

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  1. Tracey Says:

    Interested in helping other and would like information on becoming a CNA.
    Thank you for any insight.

  2. Angel √°ngeles Says:

    I really want te become a CNA

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