CNA Training Classes in Alabama

cna trainingCNA Training

There are quite a few times in a CNAs life when they can feel proud of who they are and what they are doing, and one of those times happens to be when they choose their CNA training course. In Alabama, this program involves taking a class, going through clinicals, and then passing the national CNA exam. This isn’t always how it’s done, though. CNA training is often offered through nursing homes in this state. The facilities will hire the individual to work as a nurse aide and train them for about four weeks hands-on. Many times, this type of training will even be offered for free. After the hands-on CNA training is complete, the nurse aides will be ready to take the CNA exam, which will provide them with their certification if they pass.

If you should choose to go the traditional route and take a CNA training class, Alabama offers a number of top courses to choose from. Here are three features classes in the state.

CNA Training in Alabama

Northwest-Shoals- This community college is a two year public college that offers education to their students in many academic, vocational, and technical subjects. It’s campus covers 110 acres, housing many educational programs, including an allied health center where CNA training can be learned. If you’re interested in the CNA class at this college, you should know that tuition is $700 and the class is scheduled for a full 80 hours. The tuition costs do cover a standard background check and any text book costs you may have.

Reid State- This technical college located in Evergreen has one of the longest, and perhaps most in-depth, CNA training classes in Alabama. The program is 435 hours long and costs just shy of $3,000. For students who wish to go on to become licensed practical nurses or registered nurses, this is the course to take. It will thoroughly prepare you for becoming a nurse and will provide you with 16 credit hours toward your nursing degree.

Sheldon State- A community college in Tuscaloosa, this public institution was created to combine two other colleges, Brewer State and Sheldon State Technical in 1979. Because of this combination, the college has two separate campuses. The CNA training class cost varies, depending if you are a resident of the state or not. Residents pay only $1,176, while students coming from out-of-state can expect to pay $3,248. The class is 24 credit hours long, and in order to complete the CNA training class, you must maintain a C average or higher.

CNA Training Options

If you decide that CNA training is the right option for you, these and many other programs in Alabama are available for you to learn and succeed. Be careful, though, and make sure that any class you choose has been accredited by Alabama. Be wary of online training that states you can complete your entire course online as well. This is impossible, as hands-on clinicals are a must before you can truly pass CNA training.


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