CNA Training DVD's

CNA training DVD’s can help you prepare to take your Certified Nursing Assistant exam. Most of the available courses on DVD are broken down into a few ‘modules’ covering basic nursing knowledge and understanding, and practical skills which go over the actual duties of a nurse assistant.

The CNA training DVD’s will go over the required Skills, generally broken down into descriptions and examples of the proper way to complete the following skills. They would include basic care duties such as sanitation, moving patients or ambulation, applying dressings or stockings, and general patient care such as dressing, feeding, cleaning, etc.

Other sections would deal with taking and recording a patient’s vital signs: breathing or respiration, pulse, their blood pressure, height & weight, etc.
Most of the DVD’s for CNA’s will have a section on legal issues that you may encounter.  This section addresses the real issues and descriptions that CNA’s face.  Legal guilt can result in fines and imprisonment, as well as loss of certification and license to work as a CNA.

These would include topics such as restraints, abuse, neglect, theft, and other situations and definitions that a caregiver must be aware of.

Since the CNA Certification Exam consists of a written exam and a practical exam, you would find videos showing how to give a complete bed bath and use bath supplies, doing a skin assessment, proper bedmaking, infection control considerations, body mechanics for proper positioning, movement, and full range-of-motion (R.O.M.) exercise.

In considering one of the CNA training DVD’s, you’ll want to keep in mind that requirements for a CNA differ from state to state, and that depending on the facility you work at, your duties and functions will also vary. The requirements for a home health care worker may be very different than what is necessary in a geriatric facility such as a nursing home, or even that for a hospital or acute-care facility.

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    CNA Training DVD’s | CNA Training Class…

    CNA training DVD’s can help you prepare to take your Certified Nursing Assistant exam….

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