CNA Training Exam Policies You Need to Know

cna trainingCNA Training Exam

While taking the CNA training exam may seem like a straight-forward process, there is much more to it than simply the written (or oral) and skills test. There are specific policies that each CNA training student must understand before they arrive at their test center. With these policies in mind, the students will be able to properly complete the test and won’t risk automatic failure before they even begin.

CNA Training Testing Policies

  • Being Late- Tardiness is not acceptable, no matter where your testing facility is located. When you receive your exam time, plan to arrive at least thirty minutes early. This will prevent you from being counted as tardy. If, for some reason, you are late, (or you don’t bring the required materials for the exam, like your identification,) you will not be allowed to take the CNA training exam. Your examination fee will not be refunded either. Keep in mind that this applies for both the skills test and written exam. Being late to either can result in having to begin the process all over again, and you will not be able to take your CNA training skills test without first completing the oral or written exam. If you are counted as tardy, you will have to reschedule the exam at a later date and pay the fee once again.
  • Electronic Devices- When you take the CNA training test, you will not be allowed to carry any kind of electronic device. This includes tablets and cell phones. These should be turned off before you enter the building and, if possible, left in your vehicle. If you are caught using an electronic device during the test, it will count as cheating and you will most likely receive an automatic failure. This will require you to take the test at a later date.
  • Study Aides- The CNA training exam is not an open book test. This means you are not allowed to bring any study materials like books and papers into the exam. Large bags and briefcases may also be banned from your testing site to avoid any chances of cheating. If you bring any of these materials in, they will be confiscated and returned to you at the end of the testing period.
  • Eating- No foods or beverages will be allowed in the testing area during your CNA training exam. These items will be confiscated if found.
  • Misconduct- There should be no reason any student should be disruptive during their CNA training exam; after all, you should be concentrating on the test you are taking. If, however, you do create a disturbance that prevents your fellow students from taking their own test, you will be asked to leave. Your behavior will then be reported to the Department of Health or Nursing Board in your state, who will be responsible for determining any disciplinary action.
  • Visitors- Most students wouldn’t dream of asking a guest to attend their CNA training exam, but there are some who might. In case you aren’t sure: you cannot bring your children, your pets, or any visitor to the test center. If you are driven by another person to the test center, they will have to wait outside until your CNA training test is complete.

Learn the policies and understand them; they can make a difference in whether you fail or pass your CNA training exam.

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