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If you’ve been searching for CNA training classes you could attend at little to no cost, chances are you’ve heard of the Job Corps. While initially this opportunity may seem like a fantastic option for you, it is important to know that it isn’t for everyone, and, just like any other CNA training option, you must do as much research as possible to prepare yourself for these classes.

FAQ About CNA Training and the Job Corps

Have a few questions about whether or not the Job Corps are the best option for your CNA training and future? Here are a few answers to those most common curiosities.

  • Who can get into Job Corps? As mentioned above, Job Corps is not for everyone- literally. The only students that will be accepted into this program are those between the ages of 16 and 24.
  • What is Job Corps? The Job Corps is a government program funded by the Department of Labor. This program provides technical and career training to young students in the United States at absolutely no cost. In addition to offering free CNA training classes, this program will also provide living allowances and accommodations throughout the training.
  • Do I need to live at Job Corps during training? Not always. While some centers do require students to live on campus during courses, others will allow you to live off the premises and simply show up for classes. If you do have the option to live on campus, however, it is highly recommended that you take advantage of it. Living on a Job Corps campus allows you access to free medical and dental care.
  • How to I sign up for free CNA training classes? In order to sign up for free CNA training classes at your local Job Corps, you need to first find the Job Corps center near you. You can do so by visiting here.
  • What training does Job Corps offer? While Job Corps offers free CNA training, they also provide students with a number of other career options at no cost to them. Students can earn their high school diploma and GED, but they can also take courses to become a Clinical Medical Assistant, a Pharmacy Technician, an Emergency Medical Technician, and even an LPN.
  • How long can I stay at Job Corps? While the CNA training program offered by Job Corps is only four months long, that doesn’t mean you have to walk out the door as soon as you graduate. If you choose to do so, you can stay for up to two years and continue your education in another area. During this time, you will not only receive free training, but also free medical care, free housing, and free meals.
  • Should I take advantage of Job Corps? While Job Corps offers a lot of benefits to individuals who really want to earn their education but cannot afford it, the structure and discipline involved with the program may not be for everyone. Before you decide to take advantage of Job Corps, make sure that earning your education is the most important thing to you; if it is, the structured and strict environment may not bother you at all.

Want to become a CNA? Consider the Job Corps as your next CNA training option!

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