CNA Training for a Career as a Travel Nurse

cna trainingCan CNA training launch you out of a dead end job? If you like to help others and are interested in the health care industry, you might consider CNA training (certified nursing assistant training). The healthcare field is secure in virtually any economy. Once your CNA training is complete, there are numerous employment opportunities, including a career as a travel nurse.

What is A CNA Travel Nurse?

This particular job involves the same aspects of any nurse that completes the CNA training program. The difference is that you are hired for a thirteen week period. Once this block of time is complete you are free to move on to another hospital or position. If you enjoy where you are currently employed it is sometimes possible to request your contract to be extended. On the other hand, if you are the more adventurous type, you are free to accept a new thirteen week contract with another medical facility. The contract can be in your own town, or anywhere in the United States. This type of position is perfect for the following:

  • Single men and women
  • Those who enjoy new challenges and environments
  • A CNA with a desire to travel

What Type of CNA Training Does a Travel Nurse Need?

Good news! A travel nurse needs the exact same CNA training as is required for traditional, stationary CNA positions. This involves classes, either online or in a classroom, as well as any required internships for hands-on experience

Depending on the school or program you choose for your education, CNA training classes can take anywhere from a few weeks to six months to complete.

Earning Potential for a CNA Travel Nurse

Once you have completed the CNA training it is normal to start out at an average annual income of $21,000, or as high as $31,000. Choosing to become a travel nurse may actually increase your salary by up to 20%. Salaries also rise with experience, so the longer you’ve been in your position as a CNA travel nurse, the more you can expect to make. The average salary for a CNA travel nurse with several years of experience is $55,000. The good and bad news for travel nurses is that salaries are also dictated by the type of facility that hires you as well as the city and state you are employed in. This means that your salary may actually increase or decrease every thirteen weeks as a new contract is negotiated.

Do You Have What it Takes?

CNA training and travel nursing is not for everyone. Both require the ability to think fast on your feet, work long hours, and deal with a variety of potentially emotionally draining situations. You must be friendly and outgoing and have the ability to work well with a variety of different personality types. Keep in mind, patients can be ill-tempered or even hysterical. It takes certain skills to remain calm and collected.

Travel nursing in particular, requires that you are flexible and prepared to move at the end of your contract. This means finding new employment and a new place to live. There is no guarantee of work once your current contract is up. While the higher pay may be a bonus, if packing your suitcase every thirteen weeks doesn’t sound like a fun adventure, this may not be the career for you. Whether you plan on sticking to one location or traveling the country, CNA training can open exciting doors to a new career.

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