CNA Training for Child Care Opportunities

cna trainingMany CNA training programs are targeted for CNAs who wish to work in hospitals or nursing homes. This is largely due to the growing need of educated professionals in these fields. However, these are not the only fields a certified nursing assistant can work in. With the right CNA training, and the right skills, you can find employment working with children.

CNA Training and Child Care

As a CNA, you took part in specialized CNA training that taught you how to properly care for your patients. You learned how to complete routine tasks as bathing, feeding, and changing patients. While these are excellent skills for hospitals and nursing homes, your certification doesn’t limit you to these areas of the health field. Here are a few other types of employment that will look favorably on your nursing assistant certification.

  • Nannies- Some parents work full-time and want their children to have the best care while they are away. While many consider a degree in child education to be best when working as nanny, parents tend to love hiring CNAs. This is because CNA training prepares you for emergency situations. Most CNA training includes learning CPR, the Heimlich maneuver, and basic nursing skills. This can prepare you to deal with almost any situation a child might get into. You are also taught how to feed, clothe, and bathe children, which is extremely helpful with this type of employment.
  • Child Care- Just like with a nanny, parents and employers search for child care professionals who have the knowledge to properly care for children, no matter what the situation. After CNA training you will know how to change diapers, feed the children, and take care of them should an emergency occur. During CNA training, you are also taught to be on the lookout for changes in behavior and certain warning signs related to illness or disability. This can come in handy when working with children, as it may help you identify disabilities and illnesses early on.
  • Pediatric Units- While the majority of CNA training courses focus on the medical needs of adults, pediatric courses are also available for CNAs. With these courses, you will be prepared to work in the pediatric wings of hospitals or in group homes for special needs children. CNAs provide the same type of service as they would adults in these situations. They often take vital signs, bathe patients, feed patients, and help children get dressed.

CNA Training & Child Care Skills

While there are several employment opportunities for those who have completed CNA training and wish to work with children, CNAs in these field must have the right skills. Children need firm, but loving individuals caring for them. You must be patient, kind, and, of course, willing to work with small children. While caring for children can be frustrating and hard work, it is also very rewarding.

After you have finished your CNA training, consider the many options you have for employment. If you love children and enjoy working with them, don’t limit yourself to nursing homes. Find employment as a nanny, child care teacher, or as a CNA in a pediatric unit of a hospital. Your CNA training has numerous possibilities and career opportunities.

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