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cna trainingCNA Training

Asking for help can be one of the hardest and smartest things that you do during you CNA training and employment. Seeking advice or guidance in regards to an aspect of your work environment or duties can be the first step in addressing a larger issue, avoiding harm to patients, colleagues and yourself, and of course deepening your understanding of your role as a nursing assistant.

Seeking Out Help During CNA Training

Knowing When to Ask for Help
Whilst Certified Nursing assistants are required to have a concrete level of understanding and knowledge when it comes to patient care but it is important to remember that you are:
a)    Working in a medical SUPPORT role; you cannot be expected to fulfil the role of a nurse or doctor without additional training.
b)    Entitled to feel safe and supported in your workplace.
c)    Not alone; for every concern and dilemma there is usually someone who you can rely on for sound professional advice or emotional support.

Asking for help during CNA training
CNA Training can be an emotionally charged and stressful time, especially for those who a returning to study after an extended absence and those juggling full time carer duties or employment. During this time you may need to rely on family and friends for assistance with day to day time consuming errands or help out with babysitting or carer duties. Be sure that were possible you are upfront and honest about your study load, and ask for help with anything you are struggling with in your domestic and work life. The support of those around you can make the difference between passing and failing your CNA training examinations.

It is also important to ask CNA training instructors and tutors for help with any course work you find yourself struggling with. Many modern day vocational training institutions have excellent student services departments that specialize in providing dedicated and informed support to students to help them to get through their course.

  • These student services may provide:
  • Assistance in finding accommodation
  • Career Guidance
  • Referral services to charities and other support services
  • Advocate services  for students need assistance liaising with staff

Asking for help with industrial relations and workers’ rights
Once you have completed your CNA training and have successfully secured employment you have a right to be paid appropriately, to feel safe and be awarded certain entitlements at your place of work. If you believe that any of your rights as a worker have been compromised contacting your in-line supervisor or state of federal Labour departments can help you to ascertain your rights and can help you take action to rectify the problem.

Asking for help from your colleagues and supervisors
During your CNA training and employment you will have the opportunity of working with highly experienced medical staff. This allows you to take any concerns or queries to an appropriately experienced and positioned superior staff member to gain help and advice. Whilst no one can dismiss the invaluable work of CNAs, you are not accountable for health care plans of patients, but your query may be the first and only warning sign of a problem with a patient.

Asking for help is as valuable Health and Safety skill as any, and is an excellent way to improve your quality of care.

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