CNA Training in as Little as Three Days?

cna trainingThere’s a new wave of CNA training available in some states. Florida is one of them. It’s called CNA prep training and is popping up as an exam preparatory CNA training class that will completely equip you to challenge the state exam. How can a CNA training student possibly learn everything necessary for a career as a CNA in just three days? Well, we don’t really believe that you can, although the CNA training prep class assures students that they will be able to challenge the exam and pass it successfully the first time, or else their second try at the exam is free of charge.

CNA Training in Three Days

Much like a speed reading course, the three day CNA training is available in states where a minimum number of hours in training is not required to attempt to pass the state exam. Of course, this is a technicality, but the classes are claiming to prepare students for the test. One such school, called Forbes CNA Training, is located in the Lee and Charlotte county area of SW Florida. Here are the details of “challenging the state exam” as explained on their website:

CNA Training Prep Course and Challenging the State Exam

A CNA training prep course is designed to assist students when challenging the state exam. After taking the course and preparing for the exam, students are said to be ready to challenge the state exam. But what exactly does this phrase “challenging the state exam” actually mean and what are the other requirements?

Anyone 18 years of age or older has the right to challenge the CNA exam. If you pass the exam and become a certified nursing assistant, you’ll be able to work at all facilities that hire CNAs and HHAs without any further training. Challenging the exam simply means that

CNA Training to Challenge the Exam

Some states, including Florida, allow individuals to challenge the State exam, with or without actual nursing training. Normally, a student would need to complete a 120 hour State approved course in order to sit for the exam. A challenger of the State exam is a person who has not completed this type of course. So what’s the difference? A challenger takes the exact same CNA exam as any other student and is issued a CNA license, as long as they successfully pass the exam.

So what’s the catch and how is that fair to those who go through the 120 hours of CNA training classes? Candidates who challenge the exam are only allowed 3 attempts to pass both the written and the demonstrative portions of the CNA examination. If the individual does not pass within the three allowable attempts, they will be required to attend a 120 hour state approved CNA training program.

Is the Three Day CNA Training Course Right For You?

Although we haven’t fully researched these CNA training prep courses, we would like to hear from anyone who has used a prep course to successfully challenge the state exam. Do we feel three days is enough time to learn everything needed to become a successful CNA training graduate? Not likely. If you are already working in a similar field and have some prior medical knowledge, it may work for you.

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