CNA Training in California

CNA TrainingCNA Training

Before you enter into CNA training in California, you must undergo several prescreening requirements to ensure you qualify for this type of medical position. One of the most common performed among every CNA training program in the state is a criminal background check. This check is completed using fingerprinting, and it is mandatory should you wish to become a CNA. Until you have completed this criminal background check, you will not be able to take the clinical portion of your CNA training.


You will also need to have a health checkup before you begin CNA training. This will ensure you are healthy enough to take CNA training and become gainfully employed.


Once you complete these necessary prerequisites for CNA training, you can then take advantage of the many educational opportunities provided to you through the following programs and more.

CNA Training in California


  • Burbank Adult School- This adult education facility offers CNA training for only $500, although additional costs may be accrued due to textbooks and papers. Scrub uniforms and equipment, however, are included in the tuition. Burbank’s students generally perform well in CNA training; in fact, their students perform better than other students in other schools. This is because their curriculum is well rounded and are able to prepare you for both the state exam and life after CNA training.


  • California College of Nursing- One of the best CNA training programs in the state, the California College of Nursing’s program is approved by the Department of Public health and is made to provide students with all of the information they need to become CNAs. The program is 150 hours long and includes theory, lab, and clinical experience. CNA training classes at this educational facility are provided during the day for 19 and a half days, during the evening for 29 days, and on weekends for two and a half months. While the number of days differs, however, the hours stay the same.


  • Antelope Valley College- If you live in Lancaster, you may want to consider the CNA training program offered by Antelope Valley. The course consists of 162 hours of classroom and clinical studies. Before you can enroll, however, you must have background check, physical exam, and TB skin test. At the end of the class, you may take the state exam, which costs an additional $90.


  • Mira Costa College- This CNA class is one of the least expensive class in the state of California, costing only $400. You will not only receive 10.5 hour credits for this course upon completion and learn the fundamentals of nursing, but you will also be given a short intro into college writing, which can be helpful for those who do not speak English as their first language.


Begin Your CNA Training Now By Finding The Right Program For You!


Are you ready to take the next step in your life and become a CNA? If you live in California, you can take advantage of several different CNA training programs that are approved by the Department of Health, as long as you are able to pass a background check and physical exam prior to beginning CNA training.

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