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cna trainingCNA Training

Living in Colorado means that you can earn about $26,000 a year as a CNA, depending on the amount of CNA training you have, your experience, and your location. There are plenty of programs available in this state as well, making obtaining your education easy, and at times, very affordable.


Colorado also makes it simple for nurses to work as CNA, whether they have earned their degree in other states, in foreign countries, or even in Colorado. For many nurses, this can be extremely important, as it provides a starting point in a new career, opens up doors, and allows you to gain the experience you need to obtain a nursing position. In order to obtain your certification if you are a nurse, you have to have obtain at least five credits toward your nursing degree in fundamental and basic courses. This can easily be proven by having your nursing school send your official transcript to the Board of Nursing in the state of Colorado. Once it is confirmed, you may take the CNA training state exam to earn your certification.


Even if you are not a nurse, though, you can still easily obtain the education you need to become a certified nursing assistant in this state, especially if you take part in one of these popular programs.

Colorado Popular CNA Training Programs


  • Front Range Community College- This community college, located in Westminster, provides one of the fastest CNA training programs in America. For three short weeks, you will take part in rigorous classroom and clinical training that will prepare you for real life as a CNA. Classes are held for whole days, and you will receive 5 credit hours once they are completed. This college’s CNA training course has a 91% pass rate, which means the majority of individuals who take it go on to obtain their certification and live a new life as a CNA.


  • South Denver School of Nursing Arts- This CNA training class is located in Centennial and offers specialized, streamlined training. Only ten students are allowed to participate in each class, ensuring everyone receives the proper attention they need to learn. The course lasts for 104 hours, 80 classroom and 24 clinical. In order to be accepted into the program, you must have a high school diploma or GED, be able to pass a TB skin test, and complete an entrance exam.


  • Stillwater Institute- This CNA training program is extremely flexible, so it is fantastic for students who live busy lives and perhaps work during the day or at night. Morning and evening classes are both available over the course of five weeks, and if your employment does not allow you to attend at these times, you can also obtain your certification by attending weekend classes for eight weeks.


CNA Training in Colorado is Available Right Now!


If you want to become a CNA, then don’t hesitate to begin researching CNA training programs today! You are only a few weeks away from starting a new, exciting, and rewarding career through CNA training.


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