CNA Training in Connecticut

cna trainingCNA Training

There are more than 150 CNA training programs in the state of Connecticut, and one of them could be the perfect solution for you if you are searching for a school that will provide you with the necessary skills to become a nursing assistant in this state. Each program consists of at least 100 hours of classroom and clinical training, during which you will be taught CNA training skills like making occupied beds, dressing patients, feeding patients, and performing range of motion.


Before you choose a CNA training class, however, you must make sure it will not only be beneficial to you, but that is state approved so you can take your certification exam after you complete it. Here, we will discuss just a few of the most popular training programs within the state that meet these criteria.


CNA Training Classes Available in Connecticut


  • St. Vincent College of Nursing- This college, located in Bridgeport, offers a Multi Skilled CNA training course. This means you will not only learn the basic skills you have to have in order to be a CNA, but you will also learn the basics of ECG, or conducting an electrocardiogram and phlebotomy, the skill of drawing blood. This will provide you additional skills that could help you obtain the employment you need after CNA training and secure a higher salary. In order to qualify for this class, you must have a GED or high school diploma and be able to pay the steep tuition costs of $3,800. Classes are held three time a week and last for 15 weeks.


  • Quinebaug Valley- This community college provides 120 hours of CNA training and costs $1,100. However, if the cost of the tuition is a little tough for you to come up with at the beginning, the facility will allow you to make three payments on it instead of one. You will need to purchase your own scrubs, however, as these are not included in the overall cost. A high school diploma or GED is required before you can apply at this college or enter into the CNA program.


  • American Red Cross- In the state of Connecticut, the American Red Cross offers two different types of CNA training programs. The first is held through the day and is an intensive 4 week program. The second is a night class that last for six weeks. No matter what option you choose, you will need to be able to pay the $840 tuition costs, as well as the $108 cost for the state exam (this is paid to Prometric, the institution that manages and operates the certification test, not the Red Cross.) Classes are available in Bridgeport, Waterbury, Bethel, New Haven, and East Hartford.


Begin Your CNA Training by Choosing a Program in Connecticut


If you are searching for a way to become a nursing assistant in the state of Connecticut, you need to understand that a state approved facility must provide you with the training you need. With more than 150 courses available, though, there is no doubt you can quickly and easily find the necessary Connecticut CNA training.

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