CNA Training in Florida

CNA TrainingCNA Training

If you live in the state of Florida, you have access to some of the best CNA training programs in the country, as well as frequently updated healthcare laws that ensure you are able to receive the training necessary to give your patients the care they deserve and need. Within this state, CNA training alone isn’t enough to meet the conditions of these laws, however. You must also be willing to complete in-service CNA training each and every year in order to hold onto your certification and continue working as a CNA in the state. These in-services ensure you are up to date on the latest skills and provide you with a refresher course on the ones you learned while you were taking CNA training.


Before you can even begin thinking about in-services, however, you have to lay the right foundation, and that begins with finding the best CNA training program.

CNA Training Programs Available in Florida


  • NCC Collaboration Studio- This CNA training school, located in Tampa, consists of six weeks of state approved classes that will allow you to become a CNA. Much of the coursework can be completed online, at home, for your convenience, although you will need to actually come to the studio for your clinical rotation. The course fee includes registration, tuition, liability insurance, scrubs, CPR certification, activity fee, and a background check. You will need to set aside funds yourself for a physical exam and for the state exam that will earn you your certification.


  • Leary Technical Center- Also located in Tampa, this CNA training class will provide you with 165 hours of classroom and clinical experience, and you will be able to choose whether you wish to attend during the day or evening. This class may be a fantastic choice for you if you are not yet sure if you want to become a CNA or need a bit of time before applying, as classes are not held year round. You can contact the facility at 813-231-1845 to find out when the next CNA training class will be available, and plan your decision accordingly. Tuition is less than $400, although with the materials and textbooks, you should expect to pay about $600. You will also need to obtain a background check, physical exam, and TB skin test before you can enter the program, as these are requirements for all Florida healthcare workers.


  • SouthWestern Vocational Training- If you live in or around Cape Coral, have your CNA training certification, but have let your license expire or lapse for more than five years, you can still earn your certification quickly without having to go through a CNA training program again. However, before you take the state exam a second time, you may want to consider a refresher course offered by SouthWestern Vocational Training. The course cost only $100 and will help you practice those forgotten skills and refresh your memory so you are prepared to pass the state test and work as a CNA once again.


Florida offers so many CNA training options. Don’t waste any more time; find the right program and begin CNA training today!

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