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CNA TrainingCNA Training

If you live in Maryland are considering taking advantage of the educational opportunities this state offers, then you are in luck. Maryland is one of the few states within America that offers not only traditional CNA training but advanced CNA training that can help CNAs advance their careers. In 2004, the Skilled CNA program was introduced to this state, allowing nursing assistants who had earned their certification to specialize in certain areas of the medical field.




With this skilled training, you could earn more than $25,000 a year, but before you can obtain any additional training, you must attend a CNA training program in this state, earn your certification, and be employed as a CNA for at least one year. This means you need to understand what programs are available to you so you can get started on this new, promising career path as quickly as possible!

CNA Training Programs Available in Maryland


  • Hartford Community College- If you live in or around Belair, Maryland, you may want to consider attending the CNA training program offered by the Hartford Community College. This course will prepare you with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a CNA over the course of 13 sessions, which include three sessions for clinical and ten for classroom theory. The cost of this class is $740.


  • Harford County Technical School- This program is available through Harford high school in Belair, and as such, it is only offered to high school students. Three classes are provided to students, Health Occupations I,II, and III. During these CNA training classes, students will receive a wide range of instruction about the health care industry and medical field, fully preparing them for their future occupations as CNAs. They will obtain both clinical and classroom instruction and will be able to obtain their certification once the class is complete. After they earn their certification, they will also be able to sit for an additional state test and earn a certification to become a geriatric nursing assistant as well.


  • Community College of Baltimore- Located in Baltimore, this CNA training requires its students to complete three short courses before they can qualify for the main program. You will need to take a CPR class, Medical Terminology class, and Basic math class. In addition, you will need to pass a TB test and provide proof of immunization. The CNA training class itself is split into two sections, for which the total cost is $1,800, $1,200 for classroom instruction and $600 for clinical instruction. While this cost may be significantly higher than other CNA training programs in Maryland, this course will provide you with a well rounded education you can be sure will help you prepare for a life as a certified nursing assistant.


Maryland CNA Training is Waiting For You!


If you want a career you can continually advance in, one that will always allow you to grow, become a CNA in Maryland. Here, you can earn your certification through top notch programs and continually strive for greatness in the medical field through additional CNA training.

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