CNA Training in New Hampshire

CNA TrainingCNA Training

If you live in the state of New Hampshire, you should be aware there are many different CNA training programs available to you. Some are offered by healthcare facilities, while others are offered by community colleges. It is important to be careful when choosing which CNA training course you want to attend, though, because in order to sit for the state exam and be awarded your certification, the course must be state-approved. Without this approval from the Board of Nursing in New Hampshire, you risk losing a career that could earn you $25,300 a year.

Medication CNA Training

In New Hampshire, you can obtain additional CNA training once you earn your certification that will allow you to administer medication to residents and patients within medical facilities. At least 60 hours of state-approved training must be completed, with 30 hours devoted to classroom training and 30 for clinical. In order to qualify for this additional CNA training, you will need to have an active CNA license and your employer must provide a strong character witness to the program you will be attending. Once you have finished the training, you will be able to take a state test that will provide you with certification as a medication nursing assistant, or MNA.

Two CNA training classes that have been approved for MNA certification in this state are:

  • Med Pro Educational Services- This program is one of the most popular options for additional CNA training in the state. However, they are also extremely strict and have high standards you must conform to. In order to enter the program, you must complete a pre-admission test and receive a score no lower than 90%. Financing options are available if you need assistance paying for the training and are able to pass the admission test.
  • Clinical Career Training- This continued CNA training course allows you to learn how to become a medical nursing assistant with classroom and hands on training. The course has been approved by the state’s Board of Nursing, and will do everything they can to assist students who can not meet the financial requirements of the training and need help affording their continued education.

CNA Training Programs Throughout New Hampshire

There are several CNA programs throughout the state of New Hampshire, including:

  • White Mountain Community College- This college occasionally offers CNA training approved by New Hampshire’s Board of Nursing; however, it is important to note that it is not offered every semester and you will not earn credits when you complete the course.
  • River Valley- River Valley is a community college whose CNA training course will earn you six credit hours and last eight weeks. Classes are held on both weekends and weekdays, and cost $1260. You may also make a non refundable down payment of $100 to reserve your spot in this CNA training class.
  • Lakes Region- Located in Laconia, Lakes Region is a community college with a 106 hour CNA training class. Costs for the course include $1260 in tuition, $160 for the state exam, $55 for the state and federal background check, $30 for clinical scrubs, and $35 to apply for your CNA license upon passing the state exam.

CNA training is readily available in New Hampshire. Begin your new career today by researching your options in this state for CNA training.



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