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cna trainingCNA Training

Are you considering starting a new career? If you have been thinking about the health care field, and you live in Oregon, you may want to consider the fantastic opportunities offered within this state for those who want to become CNAs. Oregon not only provides CNA training, but additional CNA training to help nursing assistant earn a more and be able to perform more duties within the health care field.




CNA1 and CNA2 are the two types of CNA training offered, and in order to take CNA2 you must complete the first CNA training program. The second CNA training program is much more extensive than the first, offering you more training in a certain specialty, such as acute care or restorative care. Whether you decide to stop after the first CNA training or move on, though, you will benefit greatly from the skills you are taught and the career you will gain.


CNA Training Programs Offered in Oregon


If you are looking for CNA training in this state, consider these options.


  • Central Oregon Community College- This CNA training class isn’t open to everyone, as you must apply and be admitted into the college first. You will then need to obtain approval by the department in order to enroll in the class. Once you are accepted, however, you can begin learning all of the valuable information you will need to begin a new career as a CNA through clinical and classroom experience. In the classroom, you will listen to lectures, watch videos, and study your textbook so you can learn important information about the duties you will be performing, how to care for patients, and even information on common disorders, diseases, and illnesses. In the clinical portion, you will be given hands-on experience; you will care for real patients in a real medical setting and practice the skills you have learned in the classroom and lab.


  • SW Oregon Community College- If you are trying to find a CNA1 program, consider this community college in Coos Bay. Here, you will receive classroom, lab, and clinical training. The clinical and lab training is 4 credits, which cost $79 each. The classroom instruction you receive will be 51 hours long. This CNA training course can provide you with the skills and information you will need in order to become the best CNA you can be, and the clinical training will provide you with real experience. Once you finish the course and graduate, you can sit for the state exam and earn your certification.


  • Lane Community College- If you are interested in becoming a CNA in the state of Oregon, consider the Lane Community College in Eugene. This course offers a total of 158 hours of clinical, classroom, and lab training. Through the course, you will learn everything you need to work as a CNA, including skills, practice, and knowledge. Once you have finished this course, you will be eligible to take the state exam.


Find The CNA Training Program That is Right for You!


If you live in Oregon, you can take advantage of the many CNA training options available to you and earn more than you could in other state. Find a program today that will provide you with the best CNA training.

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