CNA Training Programs in Maine

cna trainingCNA Training

If you are living in Maine and have decided to become a certified nursing assistant, you are going to need to complete at least 150 hours of CNA training. The number of hours for your CNA training should include both classroom and clinical studies, and can be obtained throughout the state of Maine at a variety of educational facilities and community colleges. For the most part, CNA training in Maine is actually quite affordable, and there are even some instances when you may be able to obtain it for free.


After you finish a CNA training program, you will be expected to take and complete the state approved CNA exam in order to earn your certification; this certification is not simply awarded to you because you finish the program. You have to earn it by demonstrating the knowledge and skills you have learned throughout the courses. In order to pass this exam, you need the right education, and that begins with choosing the right training facility. Here is a short list of a few CNA training facilities in the state of Maine.


Popular CNA Training Available in Maine


  • Bucksport Adult Education Course- This CNA training program located in Bucksport, Maine offers both clinical and classroom instruction for 180 hours. Students must be able to attend classes during the evenings throughout the week and Saturday morning. Students must also be able to pass a reading exam in order to qualify for the program. This CNA training course cost $1050 and takes only a short time to complete. One important piece of information to factor in, however, is that there are only 10 students allowed in each class. If you don’t want to miss your chance of being a part of this CNA training class, register at least two months in advance.


  • Madison Adult Education- Located in Madison, Maine, this CNA training program provides you with all the education you will need to work in the state as a CNA. Here you will learn the various skills necessary to care for patients and even be given CPR training. In order to take this CNA course, you must be willing to attend full time, adhere to the strict dress code the facility has developed, and maintain the best personal hygiene during your clinical. You also need to be able to pay for the tuition, which, including books, costs $805. Because this facility is a WIA eligible CNA training provider, you may be able to qualify to receive funding to help you pay for your classes, however, and may even possibly attend for free.



Other CNA Training Programs


  • Madawaksa Adult Education Program- Located in Madawaska, Maine


  • Lewiston Adult Education- Located in Lewiston, Maine


  • Deer Isle Adult and Community Education- Located in Deer Isle, Maine


  • Region II Program- Located in Houlton, Maine



If you want to become a CNA and live in the state of Maine, make sure you begin on the right foot and are prepared for your new career. Sign up for the best available CNA training.



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