CNA Training Skill: 7 Easy Steps to Grooming Your Patient’s Hair

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Your patients love the feeling of someone doing their hair as much as you do. As a CNA training graduate you will help patients with everyday tasks that they are no longer able perform for themselves. One of the tasks you will be required to do is patient hair care. This CNA training review will give you the steps to properly groom your patient’s hair.



CNA Training Skill: Steps to patient hair care


1)      Before you begin, clean your hands thoroughly and put on gloves like you learned in CNA training. Then gather all the supplies you will be using before disturbing the patient.

2)      When you enter the room, be sure to greet the patient in a friendly voice, announcing who you are. This helps to ensure that the patient is not startled and feels comfortable with you.

3)      Talk with the patient and let them know that you are here to do their hair. If it is a patient with longer hair, ask them how they would like to have their hair today. “Mrs. Jones, how would you like your hair today? Do you want me to leave it down?”

4)      When you begin brushing your patient’s hair, be sure to start at the ends and work your way toward the scalp. It is also important to comb small sections at a time. Don’t forget to talk with your patient and make sure you are not hurting them. Simple comments like, “How does this feel?” or  “Your hair is looking lovely today.” will help to make the patient feel comfortable while you are grooming them.

5)      Always remember to be very careful as you get toward the scalp some patients will have sensitive skin. While you are brushing, go nice and slow in case you run into tangles. Always double check with the patient to be sure that you are not hurting them. “Mrs. Jones, does that hurt?” or “I’m not hurting you am I?” are important questions to ask your patient while you are brushing/ combing their hair. Facial signals are also important to watch. They will let you know if you have hit a sensitive spot.

6)      After you have completed combing the patients hair, clean and store your supplies like you learned in CNA training. This is important so that you don’t spread germs.

7)      CNA training taught you that when ever you leave a patient’s room remove your gloves and wash your hand toughly.


Hair Care is Important After CNA Training


Remember that your patient needs to feel good about themselves. Your CNA training taught you that every patient needs to be treated with respect and care. Part of doing that is to help them maintain good hygiene. Some of the patients that you will be combing hair for may not be able to do it for themselves and will require your help with this everyday. A neatly groomed hair may give them a boost of confidences that will help them get through the day when you are caring for them after CNA training.

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