CNA Training Skills Test: What You’ll Learn

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Most students, when they reach the end of CNA training and are preparing to take the written and skills exam so they can earn their certification, think that their education is over. Sure, they’ll go on to learn more in continued CNA training so they can maintain their certification, but as far as this class goes, they are done.

That’s simply not true. While the skills exam does indicate the end of your CNA training, it also offers a few valuable lessons that you’ll need in order to get out in the world and really understand how to be the best CNA possible.

What You’ll Learn During the CNA Training Skills Exam

  • How to Deal With Patients- Whether you’re working with a dummy or a volunteer from your own class, interacting with your “patient” during the CNA training test will help you begin to understand how to deal with the patients you’ll take care of in the future. You’ll need to listen, feel, and watch your “patient” so that you can assist them through the exercises you’ve been given. You may feel a little silly offering a dummy emotional support, but it’s good practice for the real thing.
  • Following Instructions- Some people are just no good at following instructions, and your CNA training exam supervisor knows it. However, he or she also knows that after CNA training, it will be your job to understand the instructions you are given and put them in action. Sometimes you’ll be under intense supervision, while other times you’ll be left to deal with things on your own. During your exam, your supervisor will provide you with specific instructions to test your ability to listen and determine if you will do as you’re told in tense situations. This can be extremely helpful later on the job.
  • Using Tools- CNAs are privileged enough to be able to use a variety of different types of tools to help take care of their patients after CNA training. The CNA training exam allows you to use those tools so you can become better familiar with them before you begin working. You’ll have the opportunity to use tools like stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, lifts, oxygen sensors, and even electronics that measure vitals.
  • People Skills- How confident are you talking to people you don’t know? Your CNA training exam will provide you with the opportunity to stretch your experience a little and become more open to others. You’ll have the chance to talk to “patients” and you’ll also need to be able to carry on a conversation with your examiner. Just think of all that small talk as a way to become more comfortable talking to your future patients’ family members.
  • Keeping Calm- A CNA training exam is a nerve wracking experience, but it teaches you how to remain calm and work through your nervousness even when you want to panic and run in the opposite direction.

What will the CNA Training Exam Teach You?

The CNA training skills test is more than just a test to see how good you are. It’s also another opportunity to learn everything you can before graduating CNA training.

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