CNA Training – The Right Choice for High School Graduates?

cna trainingCNA Training

You’ve just passed a major milestone in your life. You’ve successfully graduated from High School and already family and friends are asking that all important question, “What are you planning on doing next?” Truth be told, you don’t even know yourself. Although you’ve considered college, trade school and even the possibility of going right into the work force, you’re unsure. Let’s take a look at how CNA training can play a part in your career path.

When considering your options, you’ve heard that the medical field is always a sure bet. It’s true. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, career choices in the field of health and medicine are skyrocketing. Consider this fact alone: thousands of baby boomers are entering retirement age on a daily basis. This means a huge percentage of the American population will be finding their way into nursing homes or at least making use of rehabilitation centers, clinics, and specialized medical facilities for the next couple of decades. What does this mean for you? Job security. If you’re looking for a career path that won’t be phased out due to technology or changes in the way businesses operate, the field of medicine is an ideal choice. So, what’s your next step? For many, it’s going to be CNA training, and here’s why:

The Benefits of CNA Training to the Recent High School Graduate

Even if you’re unsure if CNA Training is right for you, here’s some promising facts:

  • From start to completion, CNA Training only takes between 6-12 weeks. This means you’ll be in the work force in a professional career sooner than most of your peers.
  • Even if you decide to go on to college, taking CNA training and obtaining your CNA certification over the summer will allow you to take college courses, possibly in the field of medicine, while you’re already getting your feet wet in the career niche of your choice.
  • CNA training can be taken at your local community college, and you may be eligible for a grant. This means you won’t have to pay (or pay back) the money used for your training. Once you have secured a job as a CNA, you’ll be able to discover first hand, whether this is the type of career you’d like to pursue permanently.
  • CNA training will give you the training you need to earn money in a flexible manner while you’re continuing your education, even if you decide to live on campus or close to campus while attending college. You’ll have the choice of working in a medical facility such as a hospital, where your shift work can allow you the freedom to attend classes by day, while working either part time or full time during the evening.
  • CNA training will also allow you to work in a home health setting where you could study for your college classes (if you decide to continue with your college education) while still caring for your patient. Many home health opportunities have CNA training graduates simply acting as a type of babysitter or monitor, especially overnight or during the evening hours when your patient is sleeping. This is the perfect time to study for your classes.

Is CNA training right for you? If you are a recent high school graduate, CNA training can be the next logical step in your career path!

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