CNA Training- The Road to a Profession With Many Hats

cna trainingCNA Training

One of the best parts about taking CNA training is that is allows you to begin a career as a CNA, where no day is ever boring. This is because CNAs are responsible for a number of different responsibilities and duties that vary each time they are at work. Although each patient’s care plan may establish what tasks they will continually need assistance with, because they are often cared for by two or three CNAs throughout a 24 hour period, you will find that becoming a CNA after CNA training is anything but routine.


The Many Duties You Will Perform After CNA Training


  • Socialization and Companionship- As a CNA, you will provide social support and company to your patients almost daily. While this may not seem like as important a task as other duties, it is extremely essential. After all, you are an integral part of your patients’ lives. In fact, you, and other medical staff, may be the only individuals in the lives of your patients, especially if the patients have family that lives too far away to visit. Providing your patients with socialization often involves listening to them, playing cards, or even watching a television show with them.


  • Light Housekeeping- After CNA training, you will be expected to maintain a hygienic and clean environment for your patients. This often requires light housekeeping. You will be required to change the linens on their beds, vacuum, do the dishes, clean up clutter, and mop the floor. These light tasks help your patient avoid infections and illnesses that can occur in an environment filled with germs and also help prevent injuries that can occur from tripping and falling over clutter around a patient’s room or home.


  • Escorting- Taking CNA training means you won’t ever have to worry about being confined to a desk or a boring cubicle. Many times, especially if you decide to work in a home health setting after CNA training, you will need to help your patients get from place to place. You might need to escort them to a doctor’s appointment, pick up prescriptions, or take them to the hair salon. You might also need to drive them to the grocery store and help them purchase food and household items they need.


  • Personal Care- One of the main tasks you will need to perform after CNA training is providing your patients with the personal care they need. You will help them take bathes, apply lotion to dry skin, help them brush their teeth and comb their hair, clean their nails, and help them get dressed. Some patients may also need help walking, toileting, and transferring from their bed to chair. Assisting your patients with daily personal hygiene and care is essential and allows your patients to maintain their independence while receiving the help they need for tasks they can no longer perform on their own.


You Will Wear Many Hats After CNA Training


When you complete CNA training, you will learn that a CNA wears many hats throughout their career. They don’t simply perform personal care duties for patients. They are also responsible for many other aspects of a patient’s treatment and life, and those responsibilities are anything but boring. Make sure you consider all of the job duties you will be asked to perform when you decide to take CNA training.

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