CNA Training Tips: 5 Things You Must Know (or You’ll Fail Your Certification Exam)

cna trainingCNA Training  – Tips for Your Test

You’ve worked so hard on your CNA training so you don’t want to blow all that effort and time by failing your certification exam. Knowing what to do when you get to the exam will greatly help your chances of passing.

The good news is that the examination isn’t all that difficult. As long as you paid attention during your CNA training courses, you should be good to go on the test.

The practical part of the exam is generally the only part that intimidates students. This is where you’ll perform the actions you’ve learned, such as moving a patient or taking vital signs. All of the steps have been covered in your CNA training classes but the anxiety of an instructor watching and grading you can make you miss some crucial actions. What should you do? The main help is to continually practice the steps while looking at your CNA training manual to be sure you don’t miss any steps. Here’s some additional advice that will get you from CNA training classes to CNA training graduation and certification.

CNA Training – Passing Your Test

Tip #1: Take Practice Tests

Even though the National Council of State Boards of Nursing states they don’t have release any practice tests for the CNA training exams, you can find many online made by different organizations. Remember that these are only practice tests and don’t cover all of the material, so the more you take the more information you’ll review.

Tip #2: Remember Patient Dignity

When taking the exam, remain professional at all times, even with your mock patient. You should address the patient with sir or ma’am. If you slip up, don’t worry, just apologize and acknowledge that you shouldn’t have called the person sweetie or whatever other word you used.

Tip #3: Don’t Forget to Wash Your Hands

While you probably wouldn’t forget to wash your hands when working with patients, you may not remember while taking the exam since it doesn’t seem as necessary. However, the examiner will deduct points if you don’t perform this essential step.

If there is no sink available, don’t assume that this step doesn’t count. You should tell the examiner that you would wash your hands thoroughly before working with the patient.

Tip #4: Interact with Patient

Even though you are showing the examiner the skills you learned in CNA training, it’s important that you also show him how you would interact with the patient and show your care. That means that with your mock patient, you should ask how he is doing while you performing the skills. You should remember to tell the patient to let you know if anything feels uncomfortable or if he needs anything else before you leave.

Tip #5 Protect Yourself

While there may be no hazards around while you taking the exam, you need to act as though you are in a regular work setting. So if you have to move the patient from one bed to the next, don’t forget to put your gait belt on. If there isn’t one available, simply say to the examiner, “This is when I would put my gait belt on before moving him.”

Ready to Pass the CNA Training Exam!

By keeping these tips in mind you will pass your CNA training examination with ease. Don’t forget that this is an exam of what you know and as long as you know the CNA training material, you’ll perform well.

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