CNA Training Tips: Should You Invest In CNA Study Guides?

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You’ve taken your CNA training courses and now you’re ready to take the exam. Of course you don’t want to fail the examination so you’re wondering if you should purchase that study guide you were offered online.

About CNA Training Exam Preparation

Well, according to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, there are no practice tests to further prepare you after CNA Training. However, they do recommend that if you review the material from your CNA training courses, you’ll be a good position to pass the exam.

The certification exam has two parts: written and practical. Many exam takers say that the written test is a breeze and that it has more to do with common sense then the specifics of what you’ve learned in your CNA training. What you may have a little trouble with is the practical portion since you’ll have a test examiner looking over your shoulder who isn’t as familiar as your CNA training instructor had become.

Since you had a practicum in which you were made to practice all of the duties you are responsible for as a CNA, this section is basically a review of everything you did in those lessons. If you review each section of your notes for the practicum section of your CAN training classes, you’ll be ready to pass this part.

Most CNA training students won’t have to purchase the study guides because they can use the material from their CNA training guide to prepare for the examination. However, if you feel that you could use supplemental reading, you may benefit from the CNA study guides.

How a CNA Training Study Guides Can Help You

The study guides present the CNA examination material in an easy to follow format. You’ll find that only the most important sections of your training are covered and they only provide you with an overview of the material. This is because you won’t need to know specifics for the exam. Many study guides will also include questions and answers so that you can test yourself. This is a great way to assess how much you know already and how much more you need to study.

You’ll also find some definitions so if you are tested on any of the medical terms CNAs usually use, you’ll know them. You may want to take these words and write them down on index cards with the definition on the back to help remember them. If you don’t have time to sit and study for the exam, you could invest in the CDs that are available. Simply pop the CNA training CD into your car as you drive to work or other obligations and listen to it. You’ll soon have all of the information fresh in your mind and won’t have to spend any extra time doing it.

Final Thoughts on CNA Study Guides

While you don’t necessarily need the CAN study guides, you should purchase them if you haven’t invested the effort and time you should have in your CNA training. It’s basically the short cut to learning information you should have during your CNA training courses.

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