CNA Training: What to Expect from a State Inspection

cna trainingHas your CNA training prepared you for state inspections?

Whether you are already employed as a CNA, or just enrolling for CNA training classes, here’s some timely information. At least once a year, many CNAs in nursing homes all over the country feel that wave of anxiety. The reason for this sudden nervousness is due to the impending arrival of state surveyors. Each year they drop by, just to inspect the conditions of the nursing home, the wellness of the patients, and capabilities of the nursing staff. Here is some information on what to expect from such a visit and how your CNA training classes will prepare you for their arrival.

Did Your CNA Training Class Teach You What to Expect from a State Surveyor?

Chances are, a state inspection was mentioned during your CNA training class, but that does not mean you are prepared for the day to arrive. Really, though, it should not be an incredibly scary experience, especially if you know and understand the details of your job and perform your daily tasks correctly.

Here is what to expect when inspectors stop by:

  • They can come into the nursing home at any time, on any shift. They will usually conduct an inspection of each shift during their visit. Typically, though, they will not begin an inspection until the administrator of the nursing home is present and the Director of Nursing (DON) is there.
  • As they make their rounds, they will usually be accompanied by the administrator, DON, or the head nurse.
  • They may not speak to you at all, or they may ask you a few simple questions relating to your job. Don’t be nervous. Just remember your CNA training and know that you perform your job well.

State surveyors will use the information they collect to rate your nursing home and provide information to the public on the care given by you and your fellow co-workers.

How your CNA Training can Prepare you for a State Inspection

Although inspections can be intimidating, there is no need to panic. If you are doing your job correctly and are implementing what you learned during your CNA training, you should have no problems with a state surveyor present.

Here are just a few things you should take into consideration, to ensure a positive inspection.

  • Keep any papers containing patient information with you at all times.
  • Do not place drinks, food, and other inappropriate items on your linen cart.
  • Treat your patients with respect at all times and consider their privacy when you are changing their clothes or giving them a bath.
  • Wash your hands well and often.
  • Avoid contaminating clean items by placing dirty linens, wipes, and briefs directly into bags. Do not throw them on the floor.
  • Answer any questions the state surveyor asks honestly. If you do not know the answer, tell them you will find out. Never say that you don’t know. Then talk to the DON or head nurse to determine the answer.
  • Refer to what you’ve learned during your CNA training.

Your CNA training will prepare you to do an excellent job, so you should not worry about having a state surveyor come by. As long as you stick to what your CNA training has taught, you will be fine.

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