CNA Training – What to Look for in a Training School

cna trainingCNA Training

Are you ready to take the leap into a new medical career? Signing up for CNA training classes will be your first step, but stop right there. Have you noticed how many CNA training classes are available? Just doing a quick Google search for CNA training classes in your area will produce an almost endless list of possibilities. So how do you wade through them in a sensible manner and narrow it down to two or three? Here’s the breakdown.

What to Look for in a CNA Training School

Step one, of course, is to decide whether you’re going to opt for online CNA training classes or choose a location in your area.

Online CNA Training Classes

Although online CNA training classes may seem like the perfect and most convenient option possible, keep these facts in mind. Online training does not offer the hands on portion or the mandatory clinical portion of your CNA training. Generally, accredited online CNA training schools will partner with facilities in your area where you will complete the clinical portion of your CNA training classes. Sound like a bit of an inconvenience? We thought so too. Online classes are certainly not for everyone and you’ll have to wade through the selection just to find out which schools are connected to medical facilities in your are for the clinical portion. Online courses also work best for individuals who are able to work independently. This also is “not for everyone.” Consider these factors first and you’ll be able to narrow down your CNA training options pretty quickly.

Assessing CNA Training Schools in Your Area

If you’ve opted for a CNA training school in your area, you’ve already done a good job narrowing things down. To further assist you, here is a bullet point list of questions to ask the representative when interviewing a potential CNA training center. Depending on your situation any one of these questions could disqualify a school.

  • Do you have payment options?
  • Is your CNA training school accredited by the state? Where can I view your credentials?
  • Do you offer extra assistance, tutoring or online reviews as supplements or study aides for your training classes?
  • Do you guarantee students to pass the exam after taking your classes?
  • Do you offer or guarantee job placement after CNA training classes are complete and the state exam is successfully passed?
  • What percentage of this course involves the clinical or hands-on portion?
  • Do you offer a discount if I pay in full?
  • If I miss any of the classes, what is your procedure for helping me get back on track?
  • What is your class size?
  • Are you the only instructor, or is there a teacher’s aide or instructor’s assistant?

I’m sure after reading these questions you probably have a few of your own. Not all CNA training classes are the same and you should conduct your research and make a pros and cons list before making your final decision. Price, distance from home, convenience of class time and the instructor’s teaching skill are the main points to research, but after that, everyone has certain topics that are important to them.

Well, what are you waiting for? Start researching and get enrolled in CNA training classes!


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