CNAs: The Benefits of Using a Staffing Agency to Land Your First Job

staffing agency CNACertified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) are a vital part to the healthcare industry. They perform and assist in many routine tasks that occur in their patients lives. While some may be able to find a new job after CNA training through the use of newspapers, networking, or through online job websites, you may be interested in using a staffing agency to find your first nursing assistant job.

What is a CNA and What do They do?

A CNA is on the entry level of a nursing staff, but a much needed position. After  CNA training, many certified nursing assistants are able to help their patients with normal every day tasks, like eating, toileting, and practicing proper hygiene. Nursing assistants are also able to take vital signs, weigh patients, and record input and output.

In many situations, a CNA is on the front lines of healthcare. They are responsible for making sure the patients are comfortable and safe. Because nurses and doctors often have other more pressing responsibilities, nursing assistants who have been certified through CNA training often have to keep a close eye on their patients and report any unusual behaviors or situations.

How do I Become a CNA?

CNA training involves a program that teaches both the theory of the certified nursing assistant’s job and also clinical trials that allow students to actually participate in the workplace. After taking the course, a test is usually given. In order to become a CNA, the student must pass this exam.

The length and location of these courses varies, depending on where the student decides to take the course. Some colleges offer certification programs that last for two or three months. Others provide training that only last for three weeks. It is the choice of the student, and will most likely depend on whether he or she is capable of learning quickly or needs more time to master the skills needed to be a nursing assistant.

What Can CNAs Get Out of Using a Staffing Agency?

Staffing agencies are a great employment opportunity that many nursing assistants take advantage of after CNA training. These agencies can provide many different types of employment for certified assistants in the nursing field including:

  • Temporary
  • Part-time
  • Full-time
  • Travel employment
  • International employment

Staffing agencies can also set up employment in many different facilities, such as:

  • Long-term care nursing homes
  • Hospitals
  • Psychiatric care
  • Private practices
  • Hospice
  • Home Health Care

Staffing agencies will take your personal application and take into consideration all of your skills, training, and experience. They will be able to take your needs and skills into account to help you find the perfect job. Some of the considerations that the agencies might review are:

  • Where you need to work
  • Hours you need to work
  • Benefits and desired pay

After CNA training, nursing assistants have the opportunity to work in a variety of settings. Staffing agencies will most likely screen the nursing assistants and potential employers to determine the best fit. The staff wants to make sure that you and every other employee is provided with a great place to work that has the all of the benefits you need.

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