Complete Your CNA Training Over Summer Break!

CNA TrainingCNA Training

You’ve just graduated from high school and you figured you’d take the summer off. After all, you’ve worked hard and deserve a little break, right? Although this may be true, you can only hang out at the beach (or the pool) so many days in a row. Some of your other friends are taking summer session in college while others are already working. If you’ve started to think you may want to do something productive with your summer break, CNA training may be the perfect fit for you.

Here’s a breakdown of facts that may get you off your pool float:

CNA Training – Easy and Fast Career Track for Teens

  • Length of Classes – CNA training classes generally take between 3 weeks and 6 months to complete with many schools offering “fast track classes.” With these, you’ll basically take classes in 5-8 hour power blocks which will allow you to finish your CNA training in record time. You should have no problem completing your CNA training, taking the state exam and starting your new career, all within the three months of summer. How’s that for a quick life change?
  • Level of Difficulty – CNA training classes aren’t as difficult as you may think. In fact, over 80% of all CNA training students finish the course and pass the exam without a hitch. CNA training students are generally from a diverse background with all levels of previous education. What are we saying here? You can do it!
  • Landing a Job – Choose the right CNA training school and you’ll be guaranteed to have a job right after you successfully pass the state exam. That’s right! Many schools have relationships with medical facilities and offer guaranteed job placement as a part of their benefits. When shopping for the right CNA training school, be sure to ask about job placement. Even if this isn’t a part of the perks of your particular school, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, CNAs are in high demand in most geographic locations across the United States. You shouldn’t have too difficult of a time finding employment, even as a new CNA.

More Benefits of CNA Training for High School Graduates

Another benefit of CNA training for recent graduates is the exposure you’ll have to the field of medicine. There isn’t any other career that will actually put you working side by side with doctors, RN’s and other highly trained medical staff. This instant exposure will allow you to get a firsthand look at what a medical career entails and you’ll be able to decide if you’d like to move on to other niches of medicine. Possibly you’d like to become an x-ray technician, an anesthesiologist, or even an emergency physician. Think about it. You’ll be able to ask these professionals what they like and dislike about their professions, what different choices they may have made, how difficult their education was, and so much more.

CNA training can quickly prepare you for a rewarding career in the field of medicine, and if you’re smart (which we know you are) CNA training can prepare you for so much more!


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