Confirming Your Interview After CNA Training

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No matter how many statistics tell us that CNAs are still in high demand, the majority of us still feel rather fortunate when we land a job interview after CNA training. The economy still hasn’t bounced back completely, leaving us often wondering if we’ll have what it takes to make it, even in a career that consistently calls for new additions. It’s for that reason that most of us do our absolute best to ensure we are everything a potential employer could want when we go in for an interview.

However, the real work should start before then. It should be when you confirm the interview itself.

Confirming Your Interview After CNA Training

While the interview may start as soon as you step through the medical facility’s doors, the determination of whether or not you’re a contender for the open CNA position starts before then, when you confirm the interview. It’s important to be professional when doing this and to ask the right questions.

  • Considerations- If you receive a voicemail or an email from the company informing you that you have been invited to an interview after CNA training, be considerate of your potential employer. Don’t email them back, as your response could end up in their spam folder, and they won’t know you’re interested in the interview slot. Instead, call back and confirm that you are indeed still interested and will be in attendance.
  • Verify the Location- While you may be interviewing for a job at a medical facility after CNA training, that is not necessarily where your interview will be held. It could be held at an office building associated with the facility. When you call to confirm, ask about where the interview will be held so you don’t arrive late. Don’t ask for directions, however; just confirm the address and find the directions yourself.
  • Interviewer Name- After CNA training, you’ll soon realize that every facility performs interviews differently. With some, you may be interviewed by the same individual who arranged the interview to begin with. In others, you may be interviewed by a panel of individuals or by another hiring manager. Ask for the name of the individual who will be interviewing you and their job title when you call. This will help you on the day of, ensuring you are able to request to see that specific person.
  • Items to Bring- There are a few specific items you may need to bring to an interview after CNA training, including your references and resume. However, it’s important to ask beforehand what you’ll be required to bring and the number of copies you’ll need of each. Keep in mind that many facilities will also need you to present proof of a negative TB test, a copy of your driver’s license, and a copy of your CNA training certification. You may also be asked to present proof that you underwent and passed CNA training in your state as well.

After CNA Training: Before Your Interview

While an interview may be important, each of the steps leading up to it are just a vital. Think carefully before you reply to an interview request after CNA training.

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